WaPo Blames Trump for Death Threats to CNN, Calls for Regulations

CNN's studios at the Time Warner Center in New York in 2017.
CNN received the threatening phone calls on its public contact number.

After a 19-year old from Michigan was arrested for calling in death threats to CNN over fake news, the Washington Post implied that it was Trump’s fault. What’s more, the WaPo journalist then wondered if it’s “time to expand the definition of conspiracy or to tweak laws against yelling “fire” in a crowded theater?”
You can read the full Washington Post article here.
The article suggests that Trump’s fake news tweets incite his supporters into making threats against journalists because Twitter makes them feel like the president is whispering in their ear. Then of course it suggests some sort of regulation to control it.
While the article emphasizes that many liberal journalists feel like they have a target on their back because of Trump, it makes no mention of conservatives who feel the same way because of radical progressives. It makes no mention of Steve Scalise, who was shot by an anti-Trump, Bernie Sanders supporter. It also doesn’t question the methods of the “Resistance,” which explicitly incites their followers to disrupt and cause chaos. Nor does it mention conservative pundits who receive death threats from radical progressives.
Instead, the article takes a real problem that pundits and public figures on all sides face, and makes it out to be something that only those on the left deal with. Then it calls for the government to regulate away the first amendment just a little bit more. Look for the reporting on this story from other outlets to follow the same pattern.

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