Voluntary Vixens: illness As A Political Tool, ft. The Prop Report

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The Propaganda Report Podcast: Voluntary Vixens: illness As A Political Tool, ft. The Prop Report


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1 thought on “Voluntary Vixens: illness As A Political Tool, ft. The Prop Report”

  1. This was a really good episode. I hadn’t heard of the Voluntary Vixens before. It’s nice to hear some fresh perspectives. A person only has so many hours in a day, so yah gotta pick some good ‘uns and run with them.

    You’se guys are one of those ‘uns on my short rotation.

    (Is it just me or does ‘short rotation’ sound a bit like a stripper move?)

    That getting banned from Discord thing bothers me a lot. Is there any platform out there that allows free thought?

    I am really hating how fast and how hard democratically elected ‘servants of the people’ jumped at the chance to play tyrant. Even worse, is the crushing of my delusion that when push came to shove, the majority would choose liberty over oppression.

    Nope…it’s a karen world after all. No matter how insane and brutal the laws, the karens are out BEGGING to be controlled even harder.

    The land of the free, has turned out to be the land of please spank me.

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