Trump v Tea Party: Whose Side Are You On?

On this week’s show, we’ll talk about the demise of Obamacare 2.0 and the continued in-fighting in the Republican Party…Has the Trump phenomenon been all along a continuation of the Tea Party or an attack on it?
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9 thoughts on “Trump v Tea Party: Whose Side Are You On?”

  1. The president need to understand that Congress does not work for him. He also needs to understand that negotiating with people who have an ideology is not like negotiating with people who are motivated by personal gain.

  2. Oh have mercy Monica !
    Are you sick of seeing the Hillary sore loser-ville MSM must focus solely on fictional Trump scandals ?
    Me too.
    Let’s talk about anything else.
    Peace and Love

  3. Dear Monica,
    I called in to your show today for the first time and appreciated the opportunity to comment.
    While my comment was about healthcare and repeal/replace, it was not until after the call that I realized your core mission is the principle of liberlibertarianism.
    With that in mind, given there are not 60 votes in the Senate to repeal and replace, that leaves budget reconciliation as the only viable path between now and the mid-terms. Reconciliation requires the Senate parlimentarian to review each and every item to determine its cost impact to the budget. Not all items will meet the standard. If too many fail the bill can be set aside and allowed to die.
    What is your plan, legislatively, as a libertarian, to repeal and replace Obamacare between now and the mid-terms?
    It’s an honest question. I am very interested in your ideas on that specific aspect.

  4. Hi Gary,
    I loved your call – thank you for it.
    To clarify, I am a libertarian but principles and morality are my true number one mission–if someday I were to discover through honest inquiry that libertarianism had a moral flaw I would abandon it–I am in a quest for truth!
    In general, I don’t think it’s a great use of my time to hash out the details of policies that I consider to be compromises and that will never be taken seriously anyway (I focus on clarifying principles), though I don’t eschew compromise out of hand (to wit, though I support Ron Paul fully, I don’t fault Rand for putting the R before the L).
    That said, my gut tells me that a very simple solution might be to repeal Obamacare (as well as every other federal law regulating or subsidizing healthcare and employing the commerce clause to free insurance companies to sell across borders, if you could ever get that all done!) and set up a bridge fund to get people who have been affected by it to get help while the free market for insurance and healthcare recover. My guess is that insurance companies themselves would gladly come up with plans they could offer such people, and that without the onerous basic services required by Obamacare (which Obamacare 2.0 kept in for no good reason) these plans could be supported without bankrupting the system. Similarly perhaps they could grandfather and phase out the Medicaid expansion….
    I think taking an approach that puts the ultimate goal you and I agree upon–to get rid of Obamacare–up front and make the stopgap bill a clear path to that end point would rightly get the Freedom Caucus on board.
    Thank you again for the high level discussion!
    PS In answering your question I did not “cheat” and see what other libertarians said, but after writing it I checked Rand Paul’s website to see what he and the Freedom Caucus recommend. I knew he wanted first and foremost a full repeal (Republicans passed that in January 2016 but Obama vetoed it), then the replacement separate. Here’s their replacement suggestion:

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