Everything You Need To Know About Novel Coronavirus – Simulated & Real World

In October 2019, The World Economic Forum (i.e., the Boys from Davos), The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the Centers for Disease Control of the US & China, met with a handful of top leaders of global corporations, government institutions & international organizations to simulate a novel coronavirus. They called it Event 201.

How did it play out? 65 million dead, global GDP down 11%, stock markets around the world down 20-40%. In the words of the Event 201 summary: “Economists say the economic turmoil caused  by such a pandemic will last for years, perhaps a decade. The societal impacts–loss of faith in government, distrust of news and loss of social cohesion–could last even longer.”

A month later, a novel coronavirus crisis with many of the earmarks of Event 201 began to unfold and has just been classified by the WHO as a pandemic, prompting US President Donald Trump to declare a national state of emergency.

Interested in learning more about Event 201 and how the institutions who ran it see such a pandemic unfolding? Although none of the parties involved has taken the opportunity of this real-world pandemic to emphasize publicly any of the lessons learned from their elaborate and celebrated live simulation–despite the fact that some of the very individuals featured in the simulation are on the front lines of the real-world coronavirus crisis–what they concluded does seem to be consistent with the actual global response and is informative on its face.

Here are some resources including: Event 201 and it’s Call To Action; an invaluable collection of video excerpts from the event from Spiro Skouras; a podcast we did with Spiro on the topic; our terrestrial radio shows addressing Event 201 and the emerging novel coronavirus that so resembled the simulation (live broadcasts we suspect got The Monica Perez Show taken off the air in the CDC’s home city of Atlanta, despite the show’s increasing popularity and 8 1/2 years of honest, in-depth reporting); as well as the daily reporting we have done through our Propaganda Report podcast, Drivetime News Blast (DNB).

Event 201 website (click on “players” to see who was at the round table)

Event 201 Call to Action – a 7 point plan for institutional policy response with an emphasis on public-private partnership

Spiro Skouras’s excellent video montage distilling 5 hours of Event 201 footage into less than 19 minutes

The Propaganda Report Special Report on the Event 201 7-point Call To Action

The WSB shows we did on February 8 & February 15 where we get way ahead of the coronavirus story by laying out the highlights of Event 201

Our last regular WSB show plus The Final Show where we say goodbye (Feb 22 & 29, 2020)

The Propaganda Report conversation with Spiro about his latest discoveries on coronavirus

The Propaganda Report Feed where you can find our 30 minute daily show, Drivetime News Blast, where we have talked about the coronavirus on a daily basis since February 4 (though we first mentioned the coronavirus on the January 24 DNB and on the January 22 DNB we happened to discuss what the World Economic Forum / Davos is really up to & why it was founded). You can also find The Propaganda Report & Drivetime News Blast podcasts right here at www.thepropreport.com or on your favorite podcasting platform.

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