Take the Poll for Tomorrow's Show: Will Trump finish his term of office?

I thought it was weird that Trump’s Inaugural Ball song began with the words: “And now, the end is near; / And so I face the final curtain.”

From the beginning, I have noticed the Watergate parallels in how the media is treating Trump and considered it mostly a ratings booster and biased media antics, but it began to occur to me: perhaps the Watergate parallel will be taken to the end and Trump will end up leaving office early. I know that thought has been thrown out there by provocateurs on the left, but I’m no longer sure how lightly it should be taken. What do you think? Is it all nonsense, or is there a real risk something major will come of all this? Looking back at JFK, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Malcolm X, RFK, MLK, John Paul II, John Paul I and on and on and on, it’s not as if the powers-that-be don’t resort to dramatic measures when it suits them. I don’t like it, but I guess things happen that way.
I would like to talk about this on the show tomorrow and get your views, so please take the following poll and we can talk about the results on the air Saturday 3-6pm on WSB. Thank you!!!
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