Ep. 87b YouTube Bans Us for Telling Truth About Sheriff Scott Israel & His Parkland Failures

Ep. 87b (Show Aired March 3rd, 2018) YouTube Bans Us for Telling Truth About Sheriff Scott Israel & His Parkland Failures.

In the aftermath of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, we exposed the past corruption of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel before anyone else. What did we get for it? Youtube banned the video and gave us a strike. Three weeks later when Sheriff Israel’s corruption could be kept from the public no more, some of the very things we initially exposed and got banned for, found its way into the national media. What’s the lesson? Telling the truth before the truth is acceptable…is unacceptable.

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Ep. 87 – Florida School Shooting – Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste (Originally aired live Feb 17th, 2018)

The Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting is a crisis that the shameless mainstream media is not letting go to waste. In fact, they’ve seized upon it to conduct a massive propaganda campaign that’s pushing a multifaceted agenda. We talk about what those agendas are and we play audio of some of the more curious characters involved. Show originally aired on February 17th, 2018.
Our content on the Parkland shooting has been removed from Youtube for violating its policy against questioning the official narrative. So unless that changes, this episode and our previous episode are only available via audio podcast platforms and the podcast player above.
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