Ep. 104 – How To Talk To Rabid Trump Haters

How to talk to rabid Trump haters, the 10 Commandments of Propaganda, and you’ll never guess how long James Clapper has had national security clearance. Plus, we deconstruct the propaganda of CNN’s media analysis show, Reliable Sources. FALSEHOOD IN WAR-TIME by Arthur Ponsonby MP 1929 Ep. 97 – Is The Russian Collusion Saga A Chatham … More

Ep. 103 – Trump & Putin Sittin' in a Tree

Trump’s meeting with Putin declared treason…..before it even happened and we deconstruct a radical and dangerous Micheal Moore interview. From Putin’s Official Website: Transcript of the beginning of the Trump Putin Summit Chris Wallace Interview including transcript Trump Putin press conference Putin – Megyn Kelly Interview A couple of relevant articles from Monica: Crimea & … More