Ep. 106 – Is Alex Jones Ban Corporate Fascism? Show Originally Aired on 8.11.18

Alex Jones has been banned from Apple, Facebook, Youtube, and many other social media platforms. Is this a violation of free speech or an exercise of private property rights? Or could it be something else all together? On the show we talk about what happened, the dangerous precedent the banning of Jones sets, and how … More

“Deep of Center” new glossary term

I was trying to describe my show today and said, “You know how some people are left of center and some people are right of center? Well, I’m deep of center.” I think it’s a keeper!

Ep. 104 – How To Talk To Rabid Trump Haters

How to talk to rabid Trump haters, the 10 Commandments of Propaganda, and you’ll never guess how long James Clapper has had national security clearance. Plus, we deconstruct the propaganda of CNN’s media analysis show, Reliable Sources. FALSEHOOD IN WAR-TIME by Arthur Ponsonby MP 1929 Ep. 97 – Is The Russian Collusion Saga A Chatham … More

Ep. 103 – Trump & Putin Sittin' in a Tree

Trump’s meeting with Putin declared treason…..before it even happened and we deconstruct a radical and dangerous Micheal Moore interview. From Putin’s Official Website: Transcript of the beginning of the Trump Putin Summit Chris Wallace Interview including transcript Trump Putin press conference Putin – Megyn Kelly Interview A couple of relevant articles from Monica: Crimea & … More

Ep. 100 – The Summer of Race-Baiting Has Begun (Propaganda Report Podcast)

The summer of identity politics and race-baiting officially kicked off last week with three events that all occurred on the same day; the Starbucks racial bias training, MSNBC’s ‘Everyday Racism In America’ Town Hall, and the Roseanne Barr tweet controversy. On this 100th episode of the Propaganda Report, we talk about how the Roseanne tweet … More