Ep. 169 – Elites Discuss Their Digital Communism Plan – Who Are They? Part III (Aired 7.6.19 on WSB)

From the rise of social media, to automation, to AI, the elites are using it all to concentrate power at the top.

Show originally aired 7.6.19 on WSB Radio, Atlanta, 95.5.

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Voila! Lessons from Trump & Brexit Scare Europe Straight

mending_europe__tjeerd_royaardsBinkley and I speculated from the beginning that the “true meaning of Trump” might be to spark a globalist backlash, for example in Episode 24 of the Propaganda Report from January 26, only a few days after the inauguration. We specifically, repeatedly discussed the impact this all would have in Europe as the reality of “the Nazi next door” sparked ingrained fears. Well, in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, we are told that’s exactly what happened…
European Populists Who Aped Brexit and Trump Rethink Their Approach
Many officials think their attempt to associate with the U.K. and the U.S. undermined what was supposed to be a banner year

CARPENTRAS, France—Europe’s populist politicians hoped this would be the year they rocked the Continent’s establishment. Instead, their assault on the European Union has brought election defeats, recriminations and self-doubt….
Many of Europe’s far-right politicians now believe their attempt to associate themselves with the antiestablishment uprisings behind the U.K.’s vote to leave the EU and Donald Trump’s U.S. presidential victory has backfired….Continental European voters, although hardly content with incumbents or the EU, viewed electoral shocks in the U.K. and U.S. as destabilizing….
Anti-EU nationalists “were so electrified after Brexit and Trump that they thought all of us would be president or prime minister of their country,” says Gerolf Annemans, a leading figure in Belgium’s Flemish-nationalist party and in a group of EU-skeptic parties in the European Parliament. Instead, he says, “to some extent the Trump election has frightened off parts of the center electorate in Europe.”…
[M]any European voters were unsettled by what was happening in the U.K. and U.S. The U.K. has struggled to figure out how to disentangle itself from the EU. Germans’ trust in the U.S. fell from 59% in Nov. 2016 to 21% in February, and has remained at low levels, according to opinion polls commissioned by public broadcaster ARD.
Support for the EU, battered by long crises over debt and migration, began to recover. The EU’s own latest Eurobarometer report on public opinion, published in August, found that trust in the EU has risen to 42%, from 36% a year ago and 32% in late 2015….
Peter Appelt, a 57-year-old worker in a train factory who lives in Germany’s east, told The Wall Street Journal last year he supported the anti-immigration AfD party because Europe “doesn’t work,” and because he was fearful of the large influx of immigrants. “The other parties need to be taught a lesson,” he said then.
Now, he says he has changed his mind. He doesn’t know yet who he will vote for in Germany’s Sept. 24 parliamentary elections, he says, but it won’t be the AfD. He says he finds the party too amateurish and extreme, and that watching events in the U.S. and U.K. has made him more skeptical.
He sees the AfD’s policies as similar to Mr. Trump’s. “He wants to wall off his country, and the AfD also wants to keep all foreigners from entering, and that doesn’t work either,” he says. Mr. Trump’s political struggles and the U.K. difficulties defining its future relationship with Europe have convinced him that isolationism makes for bad policy, he says. “In a globalized world, one can’t act like a small island,” he says.
Alexander Gauland, who co-heads the AfD ticket for the September election, says…if Mr. Trump had managed to start construction on his promised Mexican-border wall, the AfD could have used the new president’s success to trumpet the feasibility of its own demands to close Germany’s borders.
“Now that it’s become tangled up in details, people are no longer paying attention,” Mr. Gauland says.

In short, according to the Journal, Trump is seen as destabilizing and ineffective and the European Union, whose popularity was waning in the wake of their debt crisis, is rebounding: It seems that globalism is the answer after all.

Touchstones Trump Conspiracies

scratching-gold-to-test-purityThe Trump election is the most significant thing that’s happened in the world since 9/11, in my opinion. I think even the first black president pales in comparison because it didn’t actually change our course. Trump’s presidency might.
The interesting question in my opinion, however, is not, “How did he get elected?” but rather “Why did he get selected?” I’m not at all interested in discussions of “populism” or “nationalism” or “racism” or any of the blowhard psycho-social analysis of why people voted the way they did. What I want to know is, what does it mean that power brokers from the left like Jeff Zucker at CNN all way to the neo-con team on the right at National Review played into Trump’s claims of being an outsider who scared the crap out of the establishment, whcover_20160215_tocile at the same time giving him billions in free advertising to drive that point home. (To wit, The National Review‘s gilded issue gives the impression Trump is already king–the “against” in the title notwithstanding.) Trump actually got more media coverage than any candidate ever and spent the least.
I don’t believe for a minute it was simply about ratings. Yes, the elite love money, and Zucker surely cared about that while crafting Trump & his show the Apprentice at NBC, but anyone who’s been watching mainstream media in this country over the past decades knows darn well there’s a bigger picture at work. I’m sure the government-media continuum is downright giddy that we fund our own brainwashing by actually paying for cable news on top of sitting through the commercials, but there is much more at stake for these players in the long term agenda these outlets push. They wouldn’t (and didn’t) give that kind of coverage to Ron Paul no matter how well he could drive ratings, nor did they ever harp on the fact that Dr. Paul really did scare the crap out of the establishment. Trump was another story.
Furthermore, nothing has changed my simple observation that the only thing arguing for free and fair elections in this country is faith in the governments that count the votes and faith in the media that are supposed to keep them honest. I have faith in neither. I do think it’s tricky to steal elections, but it gets done and it has for awhile. I believe the push from both sides to make a federally administered popular vote system is an attempt by the power elite to take the headache out of fixing the vote, but that’s just streamlining the process not initiating it.
So here I am, scratching my head as to what is really happening and why. The wall talk, the ban talk, the identity-centered protesters all smack of deliberate diversions. There is an agenda at work, that is for sure, but what it is I’m not so sure. My money is on just two possibilities:

  1. There is a cabal that sits above the two-party system that works for world government, centralization of power, a manageable population and, in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s words, “a highly controlled society.” They want to control all the assets and resources, which they do by working to get every individual, corporation and country into debt, which they own (rather than savings, which we would own). And they want to control all the people. To do this they must keep the population down (that’s why so many agenda items for them are designed to disconnect sex from procreation: from birth control to abortion to premarital sex to homosexuality to sex robots to porn to…well, you get the idea! and it’s why they want to control all the land and the food and the jobs or better yet institute basic income for total dependence); they also must have all the information they can on every individual, and they must control the ideas, thoughts and behaviors of individuals (through a combination of information overload and censorship) because ultimately the consent of the governed is the linchpin of those in power…. Perhaps this is the Aldous Huxley crowd with a Brave New World style where everyone takes prozac soma and is blissfully ignorant of their loss of humanity.
  2. That first possibility has been my working theory for years, but now I have to entertain another possibility: that there are two factions competing to shape and control the world. The alternate faction might be the Orwellian elite who believe the only way to truly control the masses is for a boot to step on the human face forever. Perhaps it’s as simple as a disagreement at the top over the answers to the questions posed in The Report from Iron Mountain: is peace possible and is it desirable? Is there an alternative to war for keeping the masses in line? The answers were unclear in the report. One proposal was a giant environmental hoax that would cause the people to be loyal to a world government. Another proposal was to create an enemy of despised people so the mainstream population would feel dependent on the government through fear…. Perhaps my original observation that there’s one cabal and this second manifestation of an alternate paradigm don’t actually reveal two distinct power centers, but merely reveal two paths of what is ultimately still a single power base–that is, two social experiments by the same cabal to test out how truly to control the entire world’s population for the first time. Or perhaps they are putting forth Trump as the crisis that will give rise to the solution: World Government…I really don’t know the answer, which is why I’m going to get back to basics….

What I’ve decided to do is to put on the back burner (if I can!) puzzling over what’s really going on and who’s really pulling the strings. Instead, I’m simply going to hold up events, policies, laws, etc., to the touchstones* of principle. I criticized the left when they failed to do it to Obama and frankly, I don’t think the who or why et al are actually very important if we just stick to principles. America’s founding principles were, after all, designed to restrain government, and if we stick to them we can all be safe–left, right and center–without placing blame or trying to one-up the other side’s power plays.
I have found that I may never be able to stay a step ahead of those who are able to manipulate major events, but I don’t have to if we always insist on principles. They are, after all, either given to us by a God who wants the best for us, or they have emerged over millennia as the enduring principles that immutable human nature requires to maintain stable societies. Either way, they are our only hope for liberty and justice for all–not to mention true human dignity.
Here are the touchstones…

  1. There is only one fundamental civil law: Don’t touch me or my stuff. All other “laws” simply tease this out when it’s not crystal clear. (For example, can you build a dam and deprive down river settlers of water? Developed law is useful for this. “The government owns all the water” is not a legitimate law according to this principle–or to me.)
  2. The Ten Commandments. Whether you’re religious or not, this is a good place to start. Christ’s Two Commandments are surely perfect, but the Ten Commandments never get old, especially Thou Shalt Not Kill and Thou Shalt Not Steal (Taxation is Theft!)
  3. The foundational documents of the United States of America. Frankly, I prefer the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution (The latter enshrines federal taxation, the former does not, and after all, Taxation is Theft!) I actually think the American Experiment was betrayed when the Articles of Confederation were illegal overturned, but I do accept (and defend) the Constitution because of how it was sold to the people and that is the standard to which it should be (but is not) held. The Bill of Rights, I love. If we just restored the Bill of Rights we would win this thing. And the Declaration of Independence. While not a law per se, it lays out the founding principles of the nation and is a touchstone for understanding what we the governed consented to (if anything).
  4. We must also remember that our founding documents contain declarations of rights we inherently possess, they are not gifts from government. That means everyone in the world should be fighting for all of these same rights and principles, and we should acknowledge and support their right to pursue liberty and justice within the confines of their own sovereign nations rather than interfering in their politics for “American interests abroad” which has no basis in our founding principles (nor in the Law of Nations upon which our founding relied and from which “American Exceptionalism” falsely claims a pass). And most of all, we have a moral obligation to limit violence committed by our agents in government to true self-defense according to the principles of just war at the very least, but ideally according to our own individual and fully informed consciences. (The Constitutional requirement for Congress to declare war and the difficulty presidents find when they try to get such declarations is an example of how merely sticking to our own laws will keep us out of moral trouble and physical danger without the brain damage of sussing through all the BS and false flags they throw at us to bypass these safeguards.)

These are the touchstones. I hope we can all have a mind to use them to tease out the rights and wrongs of what’s going on. These basic principles apply not only to personal liberty but to economic liberty. For example, there would be no immigration issue if government policy didn’t deliberately and drastically distort labor markets (in violation of the Tenth Amendment). Applying these principles to specifics the way gold is rubbed on a touchstone to distinguish it from pyrite (fool’s gold) is what I think will be desperately needed over the next months and years. I hope you will join me in my efforts!
*I love the term “touchstone,” which I first fully appreciated watching the great series “Connections” by James Burke. In that series, Burke discusses a handful of simple inventions which changed the direction of civilization. One of them was the touchstone. It was a stone which only gold would mark up in just such a way so that rubbing gold on the touchstone would prove it was gold. According to Burke, this facilitated commerce by allowing an easily verifiable medium of exchange and changed the course of history.

Propaganda Report Episode 22: "But I'm a Germophobe!"


Donald Trump, Vince McMahon, Bobby Lashley
You think Trump hates Obama??? McMahon is the one he REALLY hates!!

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 – Irrational fear of nationalism has made World Government part of the Progressive agenda, analyzing the elite’s long-range, big picture propaganda approach, the ridiculous story of illusive, former British spy, Remington….I mean, Christopher Steele, Trump double dog dares the EU, we analyze a Wall Street Journal Story that demonstrates the degrading integrity of one of the nation’s most respected news sources, and we show how the British, who manipulated America into WWI & WWII, might be pulling the wool over our eyes yet again, as they manipulate us into WWIII with their subtle, yet effective propaganda approach. We’ve got a jam packed show for you today!

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The Chatham House document that reveals the British intent to conduct information warfare on Russia, from back in June of 2015 is linked at the bottom with some notes. The quoted books are as well.

Show Notes (in chronological order)…

***Monica’s Word of the Week***
This isn’t even my word–it appeared in an article in the WSJ this week and I had to look it up–sometimes I think sounding extra smart is a way these guys use to deliver propaganda to those who consider themselves intellectuals…
sybaritic: pertaining to or characteristic of a sybarite; characterized by or loving luxury or sensuous pleasure

Globalism is good, nationalism is a Russian plot

Omar Mateen’s Wife really should have gotten her Knowledge Report in on time

Trump Dares the EU to Double Down

Davos 2017: Aristocrats Face the Pitchforks
The disconnect between the Davos community—among the principal beneficiaries of globalization— and the rest of the world is striking

The World Economic Forum, under whose auspices the Davos crowd meets, does its best to play down the elite nature of this week’s gathering, frowning on some of the more ostentatious sybaritic displays and encouraging earnest dialogue about the responsibilities rather than the privileges of being among life’s winners.

The Crisis of Democracy, by Zbigniew Brzezinski
‘Kompromat’ and the Danger of Doubt and Confusion in a Democracy (Kompromat is the K word I couldn’t remember on the air)
Trump Dossier Spotlights Russian History of ‘Kompromat’
Diplomats, politicians and bureaucrats have been embarrassed by leaks of compromising material
Cambridge Analytica (Surprise, surprise! It’s a British company!)
Trump supporter Robert Mercer heavily funds Cambridge Analytica:
Meet the Mercers: A Quiet Tycoon and His Daughter Become Power Brokers in Trump’s Washington
Armed with data on an alienated electorate, a hedge-fund magnate and his family shun the GOP establishment to support the winning campaign; advising on cabinet selections
Ted Cruz using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users
Exclusive: Documents reveal donor-funded US startup embedded in Republican’s campaign paid UK university academics to collect psychological profiles on potential voters
Cruz campaign paid $750,000 to ‘psychographic profiling’ company
Trump Campaign Turns to ‘Psychographic’ Data Firm Used by Cruz
Neurotic? Extroverted? Disagreeable? Political campaigns have an ad for you.

Scientology Exposé by Leah Remini
Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons, by George Pendle
Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons, by John Carter

John Lewis & Nancy Pelosi trying to provoke Obamacare protesters in 2010

The Politics of Black Hair, and don’t miss, this video (“My hair is my is-ness.”)

People of all ethnicities have benefited from the tremendous strides in hair-care products since the ’80s. The value of this revolution should not be underestimated. I just got a “gratitude journal” (it’s a long story), and one of the first things I thought of was “smoothing creme.” A picture is worth a thousand words…here’s Jane Badler before and after (and me–defo before!) for that…(fyi…you have to put your cursor over the picture to see the captions)

House of Cards (original BBC mini-series)
#WTWOF (what to watch out for): increasing mention of Cognitive Dissonance
Jefferson Bible
The most powerful media magnate in the US is Australian with deep roots in UK politics (and media). Meet Rupert Murdoch.
Tony Blair is Godfather to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter
Tony Blair is godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch’s young children, it has emerged in an interview with the media tycoon’s wife Wendi.  

US Government Spending
Going Galt, or Pulling a Ron Paul
Philosophy of Metrics article: The Mystery of Truth – Information Power and Its Controlled Distribution
Trump Meets With Judge Nap to Talk Supreme Court
Awake During Surgery: I’m in Hell!

The Story on the Chatham House Program to propagandize Russia from June 2015


Summary of Chatham House Report Titled: The Russian Challenge. This was written in part by Sir Andrew Wood, the former British diplomat who leaked information to John McCain about the possibility of there being blackmail evidence on Trump.


The first line of the summary reads, 

“The West has yet to absorb the full implications of Russia’s descent into authoritarian nationalism.” Again, this was published by the British in June of 2015, in a document about the need to target Russia with a strategic communication plan (code for propaganda) in order to combat messages that the British, the U.S., and NATO do not like….in a document essentially calling for the needs to conduct information warfare against Russia. This is a plan for demonization. 

The document then goes on to say….

“The West has neither the wish nor the means to promote, or for that matter to prevent, regime change in Russia. But Western countries need to consider the possible consequences of a chaotic end to the Putin system.” This is a pretty backwards, yet blatantly clear way to say that they want to remove Putin and install someone who is friendly to the globalist agenda.

Here is one of the stated objectives listed in the summary of the document. 

“To prepare for the complications and opportunities that will inevitably be presented by an eventual change of leadership in Russia.”

Sounds to me like they’re assuming the existing Russian government is going to collapse. What do they assume the cause might be? You be the judge.

Here is another one of their stated objectives. 

“Not to isolate the Russian people. It is not in the Western interest to help Putin cut them off from the outside world.”

This sounds like intent to assimilate the public into a world government system. It’s like invading a country that you plan on ruling after claiming victory. To more easily assimilate the people, whose homes and way of life you’re about to plunder and destroy, to the values you intend to force upon them after the invasion and take over, go easy on them during the destruction. The more resentment created within the people attacked, the more they will resist the rule of the their new kings.

Click the link below to read the full Chatham House Document Titled: The Russian Challenge.


The White House BRAIN initiave.


Trump Double Dog Dares the EU to Double Down

Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump in typical depictions.

Binkley and I have speculated that nationalism and populism might be a psyop to scare the snowflake generation in the US and Europe into crying out for globalism and this article seems to support the possibility of such a crisis-reaction dialectic.
The European Union, as one of the regional columns of what is likely to be a global government, has been propped up over the past few years in several other ways: the EU’s sovereign debt crisis resulted paradoxically in calls for political union in light of the failure of monetary union alone as well as in a violation of the EU’s law not to monetize member debt by engaging in quantitative easing,* and Italy saw it’s democratically elected president replaced by an EU banker-technocrat. In addition, as George Soros highlighted, tension with Russia will bring the EU together.
Now, as Trump criticizes and even mocks the EU, we have the predicted reaction, at least from those at the top:
Trump’s Dismissal of EU Brings Call for Unity
Europe has ‘destiny in our own hands,’ says German Chancellor Angela Merkel

European politicians called for unity on Monday after President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism of the European Union and the trans-Atlantic alliance jarred the U.S. allies.
In Mr. Trump’s weekend interview with a German and a British newspaper, he said other countries would follow the U.K. in exiting the EU, and added that he was indifferent to the fate of the bloc, which he described as a vehicle for German interests.…
French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Mr. Trump’s comments were an invitation to the bloc to stand united.
“As is the case with Brexit, the best way of defending Europe, which is rather what Mr. Trump has invited us to do, is to remain united, to remain as a bloc, not to forget that the strength of the Europeans lies in their unity,” he said.


A picture of Nigel Farage in the article and a reference to Boris Johnson being on Trump’s side in all this is a reminder to watch out for those names in the future. They’re the operatives on the British side during the Brexit transition, and given their reckless public personae, they may be used to scare people straight when it comes to “turning inward.”
*this practice was ruled legal but the ruling itself seems self-serving