Drivetime Prop: Violent Protesters, Parkland Gun Control, Screen Addiction, Hong Kong, Brexit & Bear Burglars (2019.08.22)

Bear breaks into cabin, raids fridge Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson agree on Brexit goal, but not how to reach it Schools are locking up students’ phones, creating ‘severe anxiety’ Politics Parkland students unveil sweeping gun-control proposal and hope for a youth voting surge in 2020 Hong Kong protests send a message Americans can hear loud … More

THE EPISODE YOUTUBE BANNED: Ep. 86 – Florida School Shooting Sheriff Desires Power To Detain Over Social Media

Yet another school shooting gets instantly politicized and while the left and the right argue the same talking points, many are wondering what really happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and why. We analyze some of the Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s statements, including his desire for the power to detain people over social … More