Drivetime News Blast: Bolton Fired, CIA Spy Extraction, CNN Is Off The Rails, Brexit, & the Sanctity of The Weather (2019.09.10)

Drivetime Newsblast: Bolton Fired, CIA Spy Extraction, CNN Is Off The Rails, Brexit, & the Sanctity of The Weather (2019.09.10)

In the new game of Monopoly, women make more than men

Trump fires John Bolton

Ossoff to run for US Senate in Georgia

Ep. 46 – The Real Jon Ossoff Embodies Everything Liberals Hate About Trump

Jon Ossoff – The Perception VS. The Reality

Judge Gives Flynn Chance To Attack Prosecution But Sets Sentencing Date

Trump speaks out after Bahamas hurricane survivors were kicked off ferry over U.S. visa demands


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(Video) (Parody) Debate #3 Between Jon Ossoff & Karen Handel for the GA 6th District Congressional Seat

With less than two days to go before the Georgia 6th district special election, Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel battle it out in one final debate.
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(Video) Jon Ossoff's Father Won't Let Him Keep His Promises

Even if he wanted to, Jon Ossoff will never fulfill his promise to close up tax loop holes. The man behind the curtain would never allow it. The odds are far greater that Ossoff works hard to protect the loop holes, ensuring that wealthy corporations can continue taking advantage of them. Here’s why.
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(Video) Jon Ossoff, Climate Crusader Ad (Parody)

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This Jon Ossoff ad is a parody. However, his parents do ride their private Yacht around the world. See the links below for more details.………
To hear more about how the perception of Jon Ossoff does not match the reality listen to episode 42 of the Propaganda Report Podcast by going to the link below.
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