Ep. 96 – DARPA & The Weaponization of Meme’s (Military Memetics)

A modern version of Operation Mockingbird is in full effect as yet another former head of an intelligence agency makes the media rounds. Plus, we analyze a DARPA funded study into Military Memetics that reveals the government’s scientific approach to mass manipulation through the use of memes.


Former Director of CIA and NSA Michael Hayden Interview – “The Assault on Intelligence” in Trump’s Post-Truth America | The Daily Show

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The Deep State Is Real & It Isn't What You Think (James Comey is lying)

Earlier tonight during a CNN Town Hall designed to boost the credibility of James Comey and increase his book sales, Comey said that the Deep State does not exist. He’s lying. It does. This is an old episode of the Monica Perez show from October of 2016 where Monica and Ron Paul discuss the Deep State long before it ever became part of America’s political lexicon.

Ep. 85: Nunes Memo – Why The Truth Won't Matter & The X-Files Sells Out

The Nunes Memo is set to be released any moment now. We tell you why it won’t change a thing. Plus, the X-Files dedicates an entire episode to selling itself out. And finally, Stormy Daniels continues to con America on her, “Make America Horny Again Tour.” Seriously. That’s the name of her tour.
International Fact Checker Network List of Verified signatories
IFCN code of principles — application (How Fact Checkers are Vetting before approval) 
New Fact Checking APP Video, Including App Funders

X-Files Aliens Build A Wall Scene

Star Trek, “Make the Empire Glorious Again” (MEGA) Scene

“The First Purge” movie trailer with Trump hat


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Cracking the Code on the Facebook Overhaul & more…Today's Twitter Trip #ReadMyTwips














Infrastructure Atrocity Propaganda, The Perfect Dialectic, Bannon as PodPerson & More…Today's Twitter Trip #ReadMyTwips






Ep. 79 – #MeToo – Why It's Dangerous To "Always Believe The Women" (Propaganda Report Podcast)

As the avalanche of sexual harassment and sexual sexual allegations continue to spread across the globe at a blistering pace, those behind the #metoo movement, or the “silence breakers” as Time Magazine calls them, are attempting to establish a dangerous precedent…..that we must always believe the women. Is this standard, which holds the accused guilty until proven innocent, truly designed to make it easier for victims to come forward? Or is there a bigger agenda at play here, one that could result in the elimination of due process and the destruction of the principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights? We explore this question and take calls on Ep. 79 of the Propaganda Report Podcast.
Click below to listen to episode 78 of the Propaganda Report where we talk in detail about and list the agenda items that the #metoo movement is intended to serve.

Or for the Podcast only version, click below.

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Ep. 77 – Is the Opioid Crisis A Government Created Plot?

President Trump recently declared the opioid epidemic a ‘public health emergency’ in the United States. While this focused national attention on America’s deadly drug addiction, the opioid crisis hasn’t spiraled out of control because of a lack of government intervention. It’s spiraled out of control largely BECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION. Bad government policy like the war on drugs has lead to the creation of illegal black markets where the deadly narcotic drug fentanyl is being laced into the drug supply at an increasing rate. Drug addicted users who believe they’re buying painkillers, cocaine, heroin, or other opiates, are actually getting heroin laced with fentanyl, cocaine spliced with fentanyl, or fentanyl death pills (pain killers disguised to look like Oxycotin, Percocet or Xanax, but are actually made with fentanyl). The results of the dangerous drug combination has been deadly, In the past three years, the fentanyl death toll has risen by 540%.
If that’s not bad enough, government rehab programs offered through medicaid enables drug users to live a drug addicted lifestyle free of charge. Medicaid takes care of the bill. Not only will they provide free methadone, enabling users to substitute one dangerous addiction for another, in some states Medicaid will pay for the cab ride over to the methadone clinic. And if that’s not enough, in some cases, Medicaid gives known drug addicts a free card loaded with unlimited government funds and will even transfer the funds directly into the users bank account. This makes it easy for those suffering from heroin addiction or opiate addiction to fund their lifestyle without any income.
If the powers that be wanted to win the war on drugs they wouldn’t be talking about creating more poisonous policy, they’d be getting rid of bad policy that nurtures this opioid epidemic. But solving the drug problem would threaten the power and profits of those who thrive of off keeping Americans down, which makes you wonder if this opioid crisis we’re facing is not accident. With the problem spiraling out of control, it’s time that we seriously ask, is the opioid epidemic a government engineered crisis?
[amazon_link asins=’0970312598,193543926X,0806114576,0805067892′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’propagandarep-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e2e4be9f-c939-11e7-bcb5-917b258298f3′]On today’s episode of the Propaganda Report podcast, we explore that question, talk about how those in power exploit America’s drug problem for their own benefit, look at the problem through a libertarian lens, and we take calls from those who are currently struggling to overcome addiction, those who have lost loved ones to drug overdose, and those whose stories of survival remind us that even in the darkest of times, nothing is more powerful than hope.
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Ep. 76 – Texas Church Mass Shooting Aftermath, Do You Believe The Official Story?

Click below to listen to episode 76 of the Propaganda Report Podcast

The Incident & The Suspect

Below are elements of the official story as I know them, not necessarily what I believe.
The massacre inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Texas was caught on camera. For seven minutes, a man wearing all black body armor, a protective helmet and possibly a grim reaper mask moved from aisle to aisle shooting churchgoers and their children execution style, in the head. When he left, 25 of the 50 or so member congregation were dead and 21 more victims were wounded, 1 of which would later die in the hospital. I say possibly wearing a grim reaper mask because there has been some inconsistencies in the reporting on this. That man who investigators say is responsible for the worst mass shooting in Texas history is twenty-six year old Devin Patrick Kelley, a former Air Force member who court-martialed in 2012 for beating his wife and cracking his 2-year old step-son’s skull.
Prior to his court martial, according to the El Paso Police Department, Kelley had escaped from Peak Behavioral Health systems in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Kelley had been committed after having been caught sneaking firearms onto the Air Force base in what authorities believe was an attempt to carry out death threats he had previously made towards his chain of command. The following year, in 2013, he was investigated for sexual assault. In 2014, he plead guilty to a cruelty to animal charge after being accused of repeatedly punching a dog in the face. And in the months approaching the shooting, he preached atheism on Facebook and mocked those who believed in religion. Oh, and it was initially reported that he once taught 4 to 6 year old children bible studies. So there’s your suspect in a nutshell. I’m sure I’m leaving a few things out.

The Alleged Motive

Investigators have suggested that the shooter’s motive was related to a domestic issue, and that his mother-in-law, who often attended the church, might have been the target. She was not present on that day however. This raises questions. If he was after his mother-in-law, why was he in full SWAT gear? Why did he need an assault rifle capable of holding more than 400 rounds of ammunition? Why did he need multiple extra weapons which were found inside his vehicle? Why wouldn’t he just go after her? While his mother-in-law may have been one of his targets, it’s hard to believe the simple domestic related motives that have been suggested.

The Good Samaritan Heroes

Upon leaving the church, the suspect was met with gunfire from a local who is being hailed a hero. Stephen Willeford was in relaxing in his home a few blocks away when his daughter alerted him to the gunfire. Willeford, a former NRA instructor, grabbed his rifle, a few magazines and was out the door before even putting his shoes on. (Reminiscent of John McClane in the original Die Hard movie)
Taking cover behind a neighbors truck, Willeford exchanges gunfire with Kelley from across the street. Kelley is shot twice. (Willeford was aiming for the gaps in the body armor). Kelley then drops his rifle, flees to his SUV and speeds off. I don’t know how long this gunfight lasted. The likely assumption is that it was brief, just not sure how brief.  After Kelley speeds away, Willeford notices a truck sitting in the intersection. He approaches the truck and enlists the help of the driver, Johnnie Langendorff, the other hero of the story. Willeford hops in Langendorff’s truck and the two good samaritans race after the suspect at speeds reaching 95 mph.
During the chase, Langerdorff spoke with police as he drove and Willeford fired at the suspect’s SUV, shattering its back window.  After about a 11 mile chase, Kelley’s vehicle hits a road sign, speeds up and then overturns in a ditch nearby. The two locals then pull up to the scene. Willeford exits the truck with his rifle and calls for the suspect to get out of the overturned vehicle. There is no response. Willeford keeps his gun fixed on the overturned SUV until police arrive. Authorities later allege that prior to driving into the ditch, the shooter called his father and told him that he wasn’t going to survive his injuries. Then he shot himself in the head.
This is quite a story, one that raises many questions. We address these questions and talk about the agenda items the Texas church mass shooting will serve in episode 76 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. Links and videos that we discuss are below.

Cuomo and Abbott:


Louder with Crowder interviews Stephen Willeford:

[amazon_link asins=’155709151X,B00WR91Q28,149929624X,0764140213,0300082770,1476743800,B00BWWURI0,1938895223′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’propagandarep-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7248f3a5-c4f3-11e7-a763-616dd57d6992′]

Other interviews with Stephen Willeford:


Johnny Langendorff interviews:

Look closely – he actually has a toothpick in his mouth while he’s talking to the reporter!

Texas Church Shooter Wore a Skull Mask: Report
Do you believe this?
Rand paul suffers five broken ribs after assault from neighbor
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Kevin Spacey's Apology, Pedophilia Normalization, & Conservatives Celebrate BuzzFeed (Video)

Kevin Spacey responds to allegations of sexually assaulting a minor by apologizing, saying that he was probably just drunk, and then coming out as gay. Spacey had no reason to validate the claim. He could denied them. So why did he willingly throw himself under the bus? Here are a few reasons.

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From vulgarity to violence, Dumbing Us Down has turned to Decivilizing Us

Charlotte Iserbyte wrote The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and John Taylor Gatto wrote Dumbing Us Down–both excellent books addressing the purposeful program of excising the ability to recognize manipulation or to find fallacies in arguments. Since John Dewey replaced classical education with modern education (a process succinctly described in the Dewey chapter of this excellent book: Makers of the Modern Mind, by Thomas P. Neill), the ability of the American public to recognize being manipulated through mass media, education and political lies has plummeted, as has their ability to lead and influence as citizens in the civic arena. This process has been going on in earnest for a hundred years, but I noticed in February 2016–earlier if you start with the speech that launched Trump’s campaign–a new process underway through which we are being what I’m calling “animalized” or “decivilized.”
Trump’s coarse language and tactless approach was for many a breath of fresh air in a world of discourse stifled by political correctness. While I found vulgarity and rudeness misinterpreted as boldness and courage during the Trump campaign, I did understand why people were so hungry for a straight shooter. I, myself, found it alienating and ineffective–insulting rather than liberating. I find name-calling a counter-productive substitute for clear argument and I was sorry to find citizens on the right not urging the high ground. I didn’t make a big deal of it–I view the whole world of DC politics as theater anyway, but the approach the directors of the play take can be informative. That’s why I sat up and took notice when Mexico’s former President Vicente Fox used outright vulgarity on television to attack Trump. I had already seen signs of a vulgarizing of the mainstream when establishment outlets started referring to Megyn Kelly’s anatomical processes (without mentioning that the Trump comment that started that firestorm was the same one he made about Chris Wallace)–that was unprecedented, as was Vicente Fox’s style of attack. I flagged these observations at the time, and noted that Trump would be blamed for the decline in standards, but I wasn’t reminded of these episodes until several months later when I heard open vulgarity on CNN and The Wall Street Journal in rapid fire. I tweeted:

It was only months after that that I heard voices in the mainstream media comment on Tom Perez’s use of vulgarity, complete with accusations from right and left that this was a result of the tone Trump had set.
Sh*t talking is Democrats’ new strategy (CNNPolitics, April 24, 2017)

Maybe it’s a calculated move to conjure up excitement. Maybe it’s a direct response to the President Donald Trump, who repeatedly riled up campaign crowds with expletives incorporated into policy pronouncements. Whatever the motivation, it appears to be a trend — and it’s not just Perez.

As I saw this trend gaining steam, it occurred to me that perhaps we were heading down the path of certain other countries where fisticuffs in the legislature is not unheard of:

It wasn’t long after that thought had occurred to me that we saw a political candidate reportedly shove a journalist:
Republican candidate charged with assault after ‘body-slamming’ Guardian reporter
And, out of Texas, the coup de grâce so-to-speak:
Protest, confrontation, death threat herald end of legislative session
The scripted and calculated nature of all this is made clear in the most recent example of a politician’s public profanity when Senator Kirsten Gellibrand says the F-word repeatedly and comments, “I understand this is a younger audience, it’s okay.” (Might I point out that as a person in a position of authority and respect, the fact that it’s a young audience should make her conclude it’s not okay, and she shouldn’t need someone else to tell her that.)
Here are some other tweets I sent out along the way to flag the pattern:

While I observed this trend and flagged it as a psyop to turn us into animals without any hope for intelligent discourse, productive exchange of ideas or logical resolutions to problems with government, I did not expect today’s events when I began writing this post yesterday. I don’t know if this event is related to the #animalization / #decivilization psyop I’ve been observing, but I find it very difficult to believe some of the most powerful people in the world can congregate en masse and be left this vulnerable. Certainly the framing of it is playing into this theme from the get go.
Steve Scalise shooting: ‘Political rhetorical terrorism’ contributed to attack, rep says (compare how Rep Davis discusses the event in that article to how Rand Paul describes it here. Paul does give the Capitol Police their props but Davis is clearly making sure this crisis doesn’t go to waste. Fox, for the headline, of course pulls out of Senator Paul’s eight minute interview the one line that serves the authorities best: Capitol Police credited with preventing ‘massacre’ by stopping shooter)
Perhaps the vulgarity and violence will fold into the lock-down of government I expect as a result of Trump’s focus on leaks and restricting press access. I don’t know how it will all unfold, but I feel certain that the vulgarity and violence that is emerging is planned and is meant to further diminish our ability to have any meaningful or productive impact on our “representative” government.
Update: Well, that didn’t take long.
Access v. security? Baseball shooting prompts Georgia discussion

Perdue said the news “just accentuates: we’ve got to find a balance between being available and accessible to our constituents and the public and yet providing security for our leaders,” he said.

I really hope this psyop doesn’t fold into this Chekhov’s gun:

Update: I also realized that Kathy Griffin’s little charade was part of this whether she knew it or not; and it was also pointed out to me that the Berkeley riots and other student protests-turned-ugly are part of this.
The Harvard Ten story also fits this pattern – BTW I don’t believe for one minute ten kids who worked their whole lives to get into Harvard – the best & the brightest, so to speak – were so unsavvy about the dangers of stupid stuff on social media that they would congregate with each other – complete strangers with a hotline to their hopes and dreams – and risk it all. At the very least, I have to believe they were set-up, enticed into doing this somehow.