Drivetime Prop: Boy Scout Scandal, Fake Greenland Outrage, HERE COMES CLIMATE CHANGE, Epstein’s Massive Cellmate Is Afraid (2019.08.21)

Boy Scouts caught up in sexual abuse scandal. Fake outrage around Trump’s Greenland inquiry escalates. Jeffrey Epstein’s cellmate, who is literally a beast, says he’s being threatened, and Climate Change propaganda is coming at us from all angles, directly and indirectly.

Trump Says Danish Prime Minister Was ‘Nasty’ in Rejecting Greenland Offer

Florida officials are investigating why panthers are seen stumbling and falling down

‘They don’t respect our security measures’: Large alligator scales fence at Florida naval air station

Jeffrey Epstein’s former cellmate claims jail guards have warned him to ‘shut up’

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Ep. 90 – What Google's New 300M "Fake News" Initiative Is Really About (Podcast)

Google launches 300 million dollar plan to fight “fake news”, Progressives roll out some hilariously idiotic new climate change talking points, Arnold Schwarzenegger sues big oil for murder, and Don Lemon perfectly illustrates the left’s reaction to the March for Our Lives protests.
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