Ep. 150 – Created Persons & Face Jobs (Aired May 4th, 2019 on WSB Atlanta)

Political actors deliver propagandistic messages to targeted demographics that they have powerful influence over. This influence is often a product of a myth, or made up origin story, about that politician that’s been specifically designed to win the favor of the targeted audience. Today we shatter the myths of a handful of these politicians, including … Read more

Ep. 127 – Are We A Socialist Country? & 5G Dangers

Are We A Socialist Country? & 5G Dangers (Aired 2.9.19 on WSB Radio, Atlanta) Thank you to everyone who has supported the show via Paypal, Patreon, and in a variety of other ways. It is your continued support that enables us to continue doing the show.  Anyone interested in donating and helping us keep the … Read more