Ep. 100 – The Summer of Race-Baiting Has Begun (Propaganda Report Podcast)

The summer of identity politics and race-baiting officially kicked off last week with three events that all occurred on the same day; the Starbucks racial bias training, MSNBC’s ‘Everyday Racism In America’ Town Hall, and the Roseanne Barr tweet controversy. On this 100th episode of the Propaganda Report, we talk about how the Roseanne tweet controversy is being used to push the blue wave agenda and we go through the Starbucks training material to show how it is far more likely to cause more racial division than anything else.
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Show Links
Documentary Film Commissioned for Starbucks Racial Bias Training – The Story Of Access: Stanley Nelson film for Starbucks

Read more about the film here https://news.starbucks.com/news/curriculum-for-the-third-place-our-commitment-renewed
The full Starbucks racial bias training curriculum www.starbucks.com/thethirdplace.
Part of George Soros 60 Minutes Interview from 1998 

Ep. 97 – Are British Elites Behind The Russian Interference Psyop? We Lay Out The Evidence

“I Like To Break Up Countries.” – Sir Andrew Wood (The Man Who Made Sure John McCain Got The Steele Dossier)

Sir Andrew Wood, the man who John McCain admits alerted him to the existence of the Steele Dossier during a secret meeting at a security conference in Canada, once said “I like to break up countries,” during a 2015 panel discussion on how to stop what is described as “the increasing Russian threat to the international order.”
While the media has portrayed Sir Andrew Wood as little more than a middle man in the Russian Dossier saga, the powerful British diplomat and associate fellow of the Russia and Eurasia programme at London’s Chatham House seems to have played a much bigger role. In fact, Wood’s background, his long history of opposition to Russia, and his role in the story of the Steele dossier, makes it difficult not to question the entire narrative we’ve been told about Russian interference, Russian meddling, Russian collusion, or whatever they’re calling it today. At the very least, one wonders why the media has paid such little attention to a man who is such a central figure in the Russian saga.
In today’s episode of the Propaganda Report podcast, we introduce you to Sir Andrew Wood and we analyze a June 2015 Chatham House report titled “The Russian Challenge” as well as statements made by Sir Andrew during a July 2015 panel discussion at The Center for Strategic and International Studies titled, “The Russian Challenge:” Europe’s Future Policy Course Towards Russia Considered

Chatham House Report – “The Russian Challenge” – Sir Andrew is one of the authors.
Sir Andrew Wood Biography at Chatham House & A List of Papers He’s Published on Russia Dating From November of 2008 to March of 2018. 
On November 14th, 2011, The Carnegie Endowment Published a talk on Sir Andrew Wood’s New Book, ‘Change or Decay’, in which he and another author analyze how relations are shifting between Russia and the world. During the talk Wood says, 

  • “it is clear that Putin has no intention of changing course or becoming a real reformer.”

February 1st, 2012 Chatham House Report Title, Putin Again: Implications for Russia and the West’ – Sir Andrew Wood is one of the authors. 

  • “The West should reassess its understanding of the nature and trajectory of Russia. Relationships should be based not upon the personal relationships between leaders, but upon a set of guiding principles based upon generally accepted international norms and values.”

In an October 17th, 2013 article from the GuardianWood says, “”The United Kingdom has always pursued a relatively tough, robust policy,” said Wood. “I think we’re now seeing a new realism about Russia on all sides in the EU, free of delusions about a special Washington-Moscow relationship. The EU is now the third leg.”
In a 2015 Paper title, “Russia and Europe in 2015“, Sir Andrew Wood Writes

  • “The Russian stance towards Europe and the US has undergone severe changes, rendering any cooperation in European and other regional security increasingly difficult. With the idea of Western-inspired Russian modernisation gone, and President Putin’s self-portrayal as “strong man”, this is not about to change.”

Hero or hired gun? How a British former spy became a flash point in the Russia investigation. (Washington Post)(Sir Andrew tells Steele that he doesn’t have a choice, he must alert the right sort of people about the Dossier.)
“Sir Andrew Wood, a British former diplomat and friend of Steele, said he urged him in the fall of 2016 to alert the authorities. “The right sort of people” needed to be told, Wood said he told Steele. “My opinion was, ‘You don’t have a choice. At least, you don’t have an honorable choice.’ ””
Sir Andrew, An Orbis Associate
“Steele sought out Wood, the former British ambassador to Moscow. The two had become friendly after leaving government service. A court filing would later call him an Orbis associate.”
“Wood — the former diplomat and Steele friend — said he approached Steele to discuss whether they needed to take further steps to ensure the U.S. government was aware of his information, as well. They were particularly eager to provide the research to Republicans who shared their wariness of Russia.

Sir Andrew Seeks Out McCain

Wood said he reached out to David Kramer, a former State Department official who was close to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and a Russia expert. Kramer declined to comment. Kramer arranged for Wood to meet McCain in a small room on the sidelines of the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada in December, Wood said. There, Wood described Steele’s research and told McCain he could arrange for him to review it.”

Senate Judiciary Committee (Sir Andrew Was Aware of Steele’s Pre-Election Intelligence Gathering)
“As an Associate of Orbis, Sir Andrew Wood was aware of the Second Defendant’s intelligence gathering for the pre-election memoranda.” Page 5.
“After the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States on 8 November 2016, Sir Andrew Wood met Mr Kramer and Senator McCain. As a result of their discussions Sir Andrew arranged for the Second Defendant to meet Mr Kramer, as the representative of Senator McCain, in order to show him the preelection memoranda on a confidential basis.”  Page 5.
Sir Andrew Wood, trusted mentor to Christopher Steele
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I Call BS! The Shortage of Truckers is a Result of Deliberate Policy!

truckNowhere in this article does it mention the systematic policy attack on truckers. Extreme restrictions on truckers’ flexibility over when to drive has crushed productivity–rising wages or line-hauls won’t make up for having to spend more hours idle for every delivery. Demand for truckers is going up not only as demand for transportation has increased but also as each trucker is forced to be less productive, an effect that compounds the shortage of drivers by causing truckers who can’t make a living to exit  the industry resulting in even fewer trucker-hours to meet rising demand.
I have seen the momentum toward autonomous trucking accelerating past that for passenger cars since the company Otto was created by some well-connected tech folks to retrofit existing trucks with self-driving technology–that’s a sign of a short timeline IMO.
This WSJ article is portraying the undersupply of truckers as an unfortunate market failure–watch out for future articles that build on this underlying false assumption to argue that we have no choice but to adapt infrastructure to self-driving trucks in a hurry.
Of course, those who pay the freight will love such a subsidy allowing them to switch to a government-subsidized technology rather than compensate for government-implemented productivity crushing policies with higher wages. My guess is they are all in this together. Similarly, the uber-lyft model does not work without self-driving technology. Billions upon billions of dollars have been pumped into these businesses for years by very smart people–surely they know driverless is coming despite the tremendous cost and disruption it will visit upon taxpayers and laborers alike.
Maybe I’m wrong, but the way this article deliberately ignores the real problem with declining trucker supply makes me wonder, Why even write the article? Obviously, there’s some agenda at work. We will see what it is. #WTWOF

Trucking Companies Are Struggling to Attract Drivers to the Big-Rig Life
The U.S. freight market is speeding ahead, but recruiting new truck drivers to meet demand is proving harder to rev up

Not the first time the Journal fawns over a totalitarian dictatorship: "Authoritarianism Is China's Edge in AI"

Time and time again, I have seen The Wall Street Journal explain that the reason Russia and China are so together and are such a big threat to us is that they have the luxury of being totalitarian dictatorships that can get ‘er done without the fussy inconvenience of individual liberty or consensual government. Well, the Journal is at it again, but this time they are behind the times…the CIA’s InQTel venture capital firm is ALL OVER AI! (Who’s the authoritarian dictatorship now, huh?)
Here’s the article from yesterday’s Journal that triggered me…the title in the print edition was merely, Authoritarianism Is China’s Edge in AI–but they really spoonfeed it to you right up top on-line which included an in-your-face subtitle:
China’s Authoritarian State Has an Edge in Artificial Intelligence Development
A wealthy repressive state can press ahead with tech innovation unimpeded by privacy concerns

Beijing is bankrolling a big effort in AI, in part, to keep better track of homegrown individuals it considers criminals and dissidents, and to intimidate would-be opponents. That work involves fundamental research in image recognition, data collection and sorting that could have commercial spinoffs in the software used to run complex systems. A city with millions of self-driving cars, for instance, would need data analysis and the ability to recognize, say, that a ball bouncing across the street might be followed by a child chasing it.
“What gives China an edge is there is more of a sense of urgency,” says Paul Triolo, a technology research manager at Eurasia Group.

There’s for sure a sense of urgency here, but with that flare for democracy our media and government like to deliver it with. From easing us into a driverless world with DoD-generated technology and local governments mysteriously allowing tech-driven ride hailing services to destroy the taxi industry even in cities where gypsy cabs have been trying and failing for decades to do that very thing, to the next big story–an inexplicable rise in automobile deaths followed by shrill and panicked calls for zero tolerance for same. Urgency is building. And on top of it all, the infrastructure plan Obama could not get done, Trump will deliver, rest assured. #ItWillTakeARepublican. And finally, it’s all crap because InQTel is positively steaming ahead with AI, surveillance tech, etc., just like the vaunted Chinese Authoritarian State, so spare me, please.

Among the most innovative—and threatening—of the Chinese research involves surveillance. The Wall Street Journal has detailed how Beijing has turned its western Xinjiang region into a warren of facial scanners to track millions of Uighur minorities. Police there use hand-held devices to search smartphones for encrypted chat apps. A new twist: mobile facial-recognition units mounted on eyeglasses that police use to search crowds for fugitives, among other uses.
Artificial intelligence works by the collection of vast amounts of data used to “train” computer software to recognize patterns and reach conclusions, precisely the kind of skills needed to track a small number of dissidents among a sea of Chinese faces.
“A repressive state can be an engine of innovation,” says Robert Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a tech policy center.

Oh, wow! I never thought of it like that! Repression is good. Yes, I get it now!
(Sorry, I actually don’t like sarcasm, but like I said, they’re triggering me!)
Seriously though, I have documented the Journal‘s coverage of the Chinese Police State and it scares me–they always throw in how much safer those people will be, in a “just sayin'” kind of way. (Don’t believe me? Reread the first line I quote from this article above.) But the facial recognition police goggles are a new one and sadly validate my prediction that the push for cop cams here are really for this purpose–facial recognition to be used at political events–not for the #MeTooers and the Pussy Hats but for those who try mightily to defend our foundational and inherent liberties.

AI may be different, say U.S. technology researchers. China’s AI effort is being joined by globally competitive internet powerhouses including Tencent Holdings Ltd. , which is focused on medical imaging, and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. , which wants to help create smart cities that use sensors, cameras and computers to manage traffic. So far, the government is following their lead in technology development, AI researchers say, whatever the goals laid out in the government plan.

This smart cities thing is coming down–just read the latest from the World Economic Forum (the Davos people), or check out the Strong Cities Initiative or any other UN project aimed to bring localities into direct connection with the world government they are openly working toward–preferably a repressive authoritarian one, sounds like.

Chinese researchers may not have political freedom, they say, but they have the economic freedom to chart their own course. And the Chinese government doesn’t throw up roadblocks to the technology on the grounds of privacy, as occurs in the West.
“Freedom is very important,” says [Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher Erik] Brynjolfsson. “But there is more freedom in China to do startups than most people realize.”…
[S]ays Loren Graham, an emeritus MIT science historian….“Can a country like China with lots of money combine repression, creativity and economic success based on that creativity? If the answer is yes, then we will have to rethink everything.”

I guess the message is, freedom is all in how you define it. Maybe for Messrs. Brynjolfsson and Graham, startup macht frei.

Ep. 87 – Florida School Shooting – Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste (Originally aired live Feb 17th, 2018)

The Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting is a crisis that the shameless mainstream media is not letting go to waste. In fact, they’ve seized upon it to conduct a massive propaganda campaign that’s pushing a multifaceted agenda. We talk about what those agendas are and we play audio of some of the more curious characters involved. Show originally aired on February 17th, 2018.
Our content on the Parkland shooting has been removed from Youtube for violating its policy against questioning the official narrative. So unless that changes, this episode and our previous episode are only available via audio podcast platforms and the podcast player above.
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This Video Is Getting Scrubbed – Here's Why….

At 2:14, “Mom” says, “I believe they had just earlier done after the break done some drills on this exact kind of situation which is I think why the teachers and students knew  what to do in this instance.”
Of course the mainstream media doesn’t care about the truth, which is why The Wall Street Journal ran this article today on how massacres like the 17 reported dead at MSD High can be mitigated with active shooter drills:
Schools Need Active-Shooter Drills
Most deaths occur during the first five minutes. Preparing teachers and students would save lives.

Hardly any American schools hold active-shooter drills, but almost all of them hold regular fire drills. It’s been 50 years since fire was a real threat to safety in America’s schools. It’s time to rethink those priorities.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines an active shooter as a person “actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.” Because schools don’t rehearse their responses to these situations, students and teachers are typically unsure what to do during incidents such as Wednesday’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. Most often, school districts forgo active-shooter drills because they don’t want to scare their students….
[W]e should do everything possible to prepare our children and their teachers to protect themselves. Florida’s shooting underscores the need for immediate action…
Through regular active-shooter drills, schools can equip their students with the skills to react quickly and safely to frightening situations. It might frighten them at first, but they’ll get used to it, just like they’re used to fire drills.

There are many agenda items being served by this incident. The overall process of terrifying the population into giving up basic rights is called the Strategy of Tension. What could contribute more to tension than terrifying the children on a regular basis? If the agenda were really to protect the children, wouldn’t policy advocates reflect on the fact that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had just had such a drill that was on-point, yet 17 are reported dead and many more wounded?
Update (h/t Franny): “We just had all this training just three weeks ago”


Rupert Murdoch's Ex Is A Chinese Foreign Agent?? That's what he says anyway! …Holiday Weekend Twitter Trip…#ReadMyTwips #ICYMI
















Facebook Will Tear Down Its Model Just To Build A More Controlled Newsfeed

I’ve been puzzling over the recent spate of news stories that highlight facebook’s as well as Apple’s affect on society, youth, mental health, etc. As a parent, my concerns over these issues came on with a vengeance as soon as I gave my kids phones (I was a holdout and waited until they were a whopping twelve years old!) So why is this issue emerging from all corners at once–parents, activist investors, executives, news agencies, etc? When a meme bombards me like this, I look for the agenda, and I think I found it in today’s Wall Street Journal.
Long ago, a family friend cautioned me against Scientology. She told me they had methods to make you vulnerable and captive, specifically, they invited you in, told you what was wrong with you, broke you down completely, then built you back up according to their goal of controlling you, your mind, your opinions, your behaviors, your loyalties, etc. I don’t know if this is how Scientology actually operates, but the method she described seemed rather clever and effective. When I read this article about facebook, I saw a similar pattern in the works.
Facebook plans to break down users’ connections to their newsfeeds as they are, which is how they emerged organically, then build them from the ground up to conform with pre-approved sources. If you still think Google, facebook, etc., were purely entrepreneurial ventures that got no advantage from government money, government think tanks, publicly funded university research programs, winner-picking incubators and the like, then you might think these companies should behave as they wish, but even a cursory bit of research demonstrates the biggest of Big Tech has been intertwined with government surveillance and censorship operations (and more), from the beginning.
Here are the passages in the facebook article that caught my eye and, I think, revealed the agenda….
Facebook to Overhaul How It Presents News in Feed
Social-media site would favor posts by users and friends and rank journalism outlets by credibility

Under planned changes announced Thursday, Facebook will favor posts, photos and videos in the news feed that are shared and discussed among users and their friends over those posted by businesses and news organizations—a likely blow to companies that rely on Facebook to reach customers. The company also is weighing another major change that could eventually elevate media outlets deemed more trustworthy compared with publishers considered less credible, people familiar with the matter said….
The other potential change would involve ranking news outlets based on some measures of credibility, such as public polling about news outlets, and whether readers are willing to pay for news from particular publishers, the people familiar with the matter said. Such variables would inform the Facebook algorithms that determine which publishers’ posts are pushed higher in the feed, one of the people said.
Such a move would thrust Facebook into an even more active role in deciding what content is acceptable on its site—a role that makes some publishers uneasy. The company hasn’t decided whether to proceed with that shift, and it may choose not to do so.

And in case you didn’t know…

“Facebook has an enormous amount of power and agency when it comes to deciding if publishers will thrive or not thrive,” said Emily Bell, director of the Tow-Knight Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University.
A measure like the potential trustworthy rating “isn’t going to benefit everybody, but it is a move that adds some clarity to what was a cloudy and disingenuous position from Facebook—that all content should be treated equally,” Ms. Bell said.

Update (1/13/18): Here’s a story that just came out that adds another dimension to the mental health issues surrounding screens.
Video-gamer, 28, kills mom after blaming her for broken headset, police say

Update (1/15/18): And then there’s this…
Sanders calls out Amazon after her 2-year-old orders Batman toy using Echo

Ep. 79 – #MeToo – Why It's Dangerous To "Always Believe The Women" (Propaganda Report Podcast)

As the avalanche of sexual harassment and sexual sexual allegations continue to spread across the globe at a blistering pace, those behind the #metoo movement, or the “silence breakers” as Time Magazine calls them, are attempting to establish a dangerous precedent…..that we must always believe the women. Is this standard, which holds the accused guilty until proven innocent, truly designed to make it easier for victims to come forward? Or is there a bigger agenda at play here, one that could result in the elimination of due process and the destruction of the principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights? We explore this question and take calls on Ep. 79 of the Propaganda Report Podcast.
Click below to listen to episode 78 of the Propaganda Report where we talk in detail about and list the agenda items that the #metoo movement is intended to serve.

Or for the Podcast only version, click below.

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Russian Meddling – Remember the Concrete "Evidence"?

Sexual harassment and assault has dominated the news cycle for about 6 weeks now which means that another staple issue in the mainstream media rolodex is coming up on it’s turn. Over thanksgiving I’m guessing that the sexual harassment epidemic story shifts its focus to Trump entirely.
They’ll rehash the 13 accusations made against him during the campaign, and they’ll probably add some new twist that sounds dramatic yet offers no real evidence of anything. After that, probably in early December, Russian meddling will be up next. Of course it’s always lingering closely in the background, but it’ll take the spotlight again soon. Russian meddling is media’s headliner. They gotta close the year on their biggest act.
With that said, the media’s fundamental premise in all of its Russia/Trump related reporting is that Russia, and Russia alone, is guilty of meddling in our elections. So, what better time for a quick refresher on the “evidence” the media relies on to support this belief?
It’s all about the sources.