Russian Meddling – Remember the Concrete "Evidence"?

Sexual harassment and assault has dominated the news cycle for about 6 weeks now which means that another staple issue in the mainstream media rolodex is coming up on it’s turn. Over thanksgiving I’m guessing that the sexual harassment epidemic story shifts its focus to Trump entirely.
They’ll rehash the 13 accusations made against him during the campaign, and they’ll probably add some new twist that sounds dramatic yet offers no real evidence of anything. After that, probably in early December, Russian meddling will be up next. Of course it’s always lingering closely in the background, but it’ll take the spotlight again soon. Russian meddling is media’s headliner. They gotta close the year on their biggest act.
With that said, the media’s fundamental premise in all of its Russia/Trump related reporting is that Russia, and Russia alone, is guilty of meddling in our elections. So, what better time for a quick refresher on the “evidence” the media relies on to support this belief?
It’s all about the sources.

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