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    Gwinnett police get OK to access Ring video doorbell network

    It can be quite expensive to obtain, install and maintain infrastructure that would allow “authorities” to monitor all citizens at all times.

    However, if “authorities” can get citizens to do all of this voluntarily and foot the bill…

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    Proud Truther

    Yep. I had the similar thought a few years ago when there was a big push in the media for police body cameras and dash cams. They knew they couldn’t sell Americans on putting cameras on every lamp post so they sold them on the mobile alternative “for our own protection”, although they are funded by taxes rather than directly.

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    Monica Perez
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    Monica Perez

    I have also been noticing that cold cases are making the news lately, being solved by DNA….my guess is they are pushing for voluntary contributions to a comprehensive DNA database…in China they made everyone in one small town give their DNA and they found the cousin of the perp which led them to the perp. Highly publicized & I would say for an ulterior motive!

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    One Ring to rule them all 🙄

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