PODCAST: DNB: Which Side of The Mask Do Americans Really Stand On? The Memorial Day Flashpoint, & Media Shamelessly Pushes Racial Division (5.26.20)

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The Propaganda Report: DNB: Which Side of The Mask Do Americans Really Stand On? The Memorial Day Flashpoint, & Media Shamelessly Pushes Racial Division (5.26.20)

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3 thoughts on “PODCAST: DNB: Which Side of The Mask Do Americans Really Stand On? The Memorial Day Flashpoint, & Media Shamelessly Pushes Racial Division (5.26.20)”

  1. Has anybody noticed that around political election season, the government and elites fund money to groups to SJW to incite racial divisions and wars. The media covers it as a way to get black people rally up. As possible tactic to scare them into voting or to push more racial divisions.

    We are living in an age identity politics and unfortunately the politicians are created bigger divided in using conservative and liberals against each other by using race, sexual orientation and immigration status. All of this has become weaponized to create tribal political wars we have been seeing for over 20 years.

    We do have a lot of bad cops in the country, who are racist, nasty, rude and cruide.That is the not the main point, the main point is how government and elites incite the divisions for the political agendas and as ritual especially around election season as a psyops to control black people.

    Black people in certain aspects are starting to wake up and rebel against the political system.In 2016 when Trump got elected and this was not the plan for the elites. When Trump won, they tried to blame his win on depressed black voter turnout. They have been panicking for the last three years and inciting racial fears to the black community as a daily routing of psychological control.

    Black community has been waking up in certain aspects and seeing through the division tactics of the media/elites. Black people are starting to realize and see the rigging of the system and how politicians don’t care about service but control. Black people are starting the be vocal and say that it is time to break away and just focus on building own communities and economic system.

    What do you think?

  2. All these flat out murders on our unarmed people, I have to say it looks very fabricated. Nothing about it ever adds up. Nobody ever pays for it. And then we forget all about it. These folk are some real deal puppeteers. They pull the strings of the weak. Fear is a strong emotion. Notice too how the Ahmed Aubrey murder was the pivot point from Corona…They started telling black folk how they were dying from it and then he was killed and Rona is out the door. It’s that easy.These videos are being used to sway the country into certain directions. TPTB want blacks to riot since nobody really rioted during quarantine. Remember, you have these ultra-militarized police, with nothing to do. They gotta justify the city’s budget to keep things going. Once I saw celebs start chiming in, I knew a trap was set….

  3. Once again blacks being used as political and racial pawns for the elite.
    Rioters = paid crisis actors and agent provocateurs shipped in.
    George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, philando castille and Ahmed Aubrey murder all false flags and psyops .
    Blacks will be scapegoated to usher in martial law. This is why the military was in the streets weeks ago, it was not about pandemic. It was dress rehearsal.
    They’re trying to do a lynching season and mix with the virus propaganda

    Probably that’s why there is different stay at home order at different counties even in one state
    Why were all the police brutality videos gone for a few years then RANDOMLY popped back up back to back?

    Crimes against black people never stopped, so why they just popping back up with the coverage? We haven’t heard of much else since philando castille I think. That was 2016
    The police shootings had to go away, and they tried to push a race war in Charlottesville and it did not work. They got really mad that black people were not crying and demonstrating. Then they used Jussie Smollet faking a Trump supporter attack to push more fear among black community. It worked against them.

    Every year or every other year they orchestrates a lynching season where they are killing so many blacks and it’s programming people to feel hopeless and numb and reawakening generational trauma as well because this has been going on since the trans-Atlantic slavery

    Super ironic time because they want black people reaction and tbh everyone reaction

    When there is this virus

    So what happened in Minneapolis is a catalyst of their agenda

    They want civil unrest and with the virus they want people to react so they have a reason to control and seize those areas and freedom

    It goes away and like clock work it came back around election season.

    Many of us are awake and not falling for the governments games and tricks.

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