PODCAST: DNB: What Really Happened During The Debate…Despite What The Media Claims (9.30.30)

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The Propaganda Report Podcast: DNB: What Really Happened During The Debate…Despite What The Media Claims (9.30.30)

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1 thought on “PODCAST: DNB: What Really Happened During The Debate…Despite What The Media Claims (9.30.30)”

  1. Hey Guys

    In Canada, you can’t be forced to wear a mask if you have a medical condition. The thing is, it’s against the law to demand proof or even ask for it.

    Last week, I was in traffic court fighting a ticket. There were cops at the entrance manning an xray machine. Cop 1 says I need a mask. I said I had a medical condition. He let me thru. Cop 2 asked, “so trouble breathing?”, to which I responded, “Something like that”. He muttered ‘something like that’ as he turned away.

    I was the only civilian out of a couple dozen or so, without a mask. Of course, the drones that work there were maskless but they had a 2 foot high barrier on the counter, so they were safe.

    I had an hour or so wait and by about the 30 minute mark, half of the people weren’t wearing their masks any more.

    I told anybody in earshot that they don’t have to wear a mask if they have a medical condition. That was a good day.

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