PODCAST: DNB: The New Infrastructure, Gov’t Mandated Morality, & What’s HARPA?

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The Propaganda Report Podcast: DNB: The New Infrastructure, Gov’t Mandated Morality, & What’s HARPA?

The Propaganda Report – Take a deep dive beneath the surface the story (thepropreport.com)


Part I: Inside The CFR’s Fear-Based Pro Vaccine Propaganda Campaign


PART II: Inside The CFR’s Fear-Based Pro Vaccine Propaganda Campaign (2/2)


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Inside The CFR’s Fear-Based Pro Vaccine Propaganda Campaign, Part 1.


Inside The CFR’s Fear-Based Pro Vaccine Propaganda Campaign, Part 2. 



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6 thoughts on “PODCAST: DNB: The New Infrastructure, Gov’t Mandated Morality, & What’s HARPA?”

  1. I’m fascinated and interested in the ‘cotton to congress’ Tim Scott story as well, and I’ll send you any more details I find.

    About 10 years ago, my 85 year old next door neighbor lost her to a massive heart attack, so I used to go over to house frequently to keep her company. I asked her one time what the Great Depression was like, and she said that her family didn’t even knew there was a Great Depression going on – they had always been dirt poor. I recently read “Punished With Poverty” by the Kennedy brothers, and it confirms this. The poverty in the South that persists to this day was a direct result of the Civil War and Reconstruction, specifically confiscation of land/crops, high taxes, martial law, and political corruption (favors to carpetbaggers and scalawags). So poverty was prolific throughout the South before the depression started. What caused the real problems in the South during the depression was FDR’s new deal policy of paying farmers to not grow crops and culling of hundreds of thousands of livestock. A significant percentage of Southerners were sharecroppers as you said or “tenant farmers”. They didn’t own the land they farmed, so when the landowner was paid to not grow crops or livestock, the farmers were evicted. It was the mass eviction of tenant farmers that led an exodus of the Southern poor to cities in the South, Midwest and West. This was separate from the exodus of the Dust Bowl victims in the mid 30s.

    On a side note regarding Yankee carpetbaggers, the ADL was formed in response to the trial of Leo Frank and the widespread hostility towards him expressed by the people of Atlanta. The ADL spread the propaganda that the source of the animus was Frank’s Jewish heritage, when the truth was that he was hated because he was a Yankee carpetbagger, not to mention that he tried to pin his crime on a black janitor.

    Back to cotton… My father was born in 1936 in a coal mining county in AL, and my mom was born in 1943 in Birmingham. They both told me stories about ‘fall break’ where all children were let out of school for a week to pick cotton. My mom had a relative with a farm where she picked cotton during fall break even though she was a city girl. I expect it’s common for a lot of Southerners to be 1 generation from cotton pickers like I am.

    It’s been a while, but several years ago I watched a documentary about the Dust Bowl on PBS by Ken Burns. Once again, Monica is right! The 1st episode of the miniseries focuses on the federal policies which led to a massive “plow up” of the prairie in the great plains in the 20s and 30s. The drought in the mid 30s turned the wheat fields into a desert.

      • I’ve imbibed so much “revisionist” history that I can hardly converse with normies any more. It’s almost impossible to bridge the gap between the official narrative and what the evidence tells us. @monica did you know Liam Scheff before he passed? He introduced me to numerous alternative views through Official Stories but was completely intolerant of anything about directed energy and 9-11, so much so that he blocked me. To be fair, he was in incredible pain at the time and very close to his final days 😞

      • And this is why @Monica Perez, you will be bartender & librarian but, more importantly, Historical Orator in the Outlands. An extremely important position. We can lay back on the green grass, sip our drinks & listen to true tales of history.
        Wonderful post by @Lisa. Kudos for taking the time to ask & listen to our old ones.

      • I listened yesterday morning, and I’m glad you found it interesting! 😀 I’ve been listening to podcasts since the 1st iPhone came out, and your podcast is my favorite! I live in B’ham and wish I had known about your radio show in ATL. Yes! Oral history!!! I lived in Augusta, GA and worked in South Carolina for 7 years and have several friends and a few relatives there. Did you ever hear that Strom Thurmond fell in love with a part-time maid who worked at his parent’s home, had an affair which resulted in the birth of an illegitimate daughter? The maid was black, and Strom supported them financially even though it was taboo to even acknowledge the relationship back then. These are the things people know and talk about which are completely contrary to the official narrative (Strom Thurmond, head of the Dixiecrats, was a white supremacist). Anyway, I will see if I can find out more ‘oral history’ regarding Tim Scott, and let you know.

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