PODCAST: DNB: The Black Umbrella, Flash Looting, & PSYOPS All Around (5.29.20)

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The Propaganda Report: DNB: The Black Umbrella, Flash Looting, & PSYOPS All Around (5.29.20)

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4 thoughts on “PODCAST: DNB: The Black Umbrella, Flash Looting, & PSYOPS All Around (5.29.20)”

  1. I have been saying for months that this shit is going to go hot. Every bit of the bullshit has been planned.

    People are being pushed hard in every direction. Trump was the polarizing spark that was needed. Russiagate, impeachment, etc, etc, etc, all leading up to corona and shutting down the world because of a flu. Sure, a bad flu, but still a flu.

    Paying off billionaires and making millions of citizens broke, helpless and keeping them locked down to make them crazy enough to snap.

    All this waiting for the summer heat to get things smoldering. Problem is, they can’t control this shit. I think they overplayed their hand.

    This has gone beyond what martial law could control and it’s going to get worse. They wanted a neutron bomb where only people were hurt. What they are getting is a full blown nuke.

    I think the powers are fucking terrified of what they’ve unleashed.

    This isn’t going to work out well for anyone. There will be no winners.

  2. police brutality toward blacks has been going on for a long time. What did protesting ever accomplish.

    Protests are paid events catered and organised by private groups. Be it the military or corporations. Riots are led by intelligence military trained agents that disguise themselves as members of compromised movements. They are paid and employed to be aggressive and cause trouble. I think we all know that they’ve been hiring white officers (and possibly racists and white supremacists) to play the roles of aggressors in these riots. They’re the first ones who started vandalizing buildings, looting and setting fires.

    If you have any brothers or sisters on the streets protesting, call them home. Events like these are traps to get blacks arrested, tagged as suspicious, registered in the system.


  3. There is no way black people are the ones behind these protests and causing these riots. And I think the police are aware that these are agents. The police are standing down and allowing these people to set fires and create chaos and destruction. This is not us doing this. I don’t believe regular black folks are that dumb enough to go out here and be apart of this chaos knowing they will be killed. Most sane black people are inside their homes. There were people including Maxine Walters just a week ago telling black people to stay home with some strange urgency . They wanted us off the streets because they were planning and anticipating for this to happen. So they brought in paid crisis actors, agent provocateurs and agitators to to come in and do the rioting, looting, burnings and blacks are getting blamed for it. This shit is now escalating all over the country and the police oddly enough is doing nothing about. When the military where in the streets a couple months I posted that it was dress rehearsal for something bigger. Well this is it.

    Before this there were white people all over the country protesting the lockdown and some of them even showed up with guns. How come the police never got violent with them or try to attempt to take their guns away? I think these riots is the strategy by tptb to keep Trump in office. Scared white people and and other groups will run to the polls out of fear to vote for Trump because they see him as the one to protect them from the “violent thugs”. They are creating the pretext to militarize the police to deal with the engineered “civil unrest” thats gonna happen all over the country.

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