PODCAST: DNB: Minneapolis Is On Fire, New Ahmaud Arbery Info, & The Silent Majority Has Begun To Make Noise (5.28.20)

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The Propaganda Report: DNB: Minneapolis Is On Fire, New Ahmaud Arbery Info, & The Silent Majority Has Begun To Make Noise (5.28.20)

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5 thoughts on “PODCAST: DNB: Minneapolis Is On Fire, New Ahmaud Arbery Info, & The Silent Majority Has Begun To Make Noise (5.28.20)”

  1. Good show tonight. I’m glad both of you see through this BS. Many black people have always been “conspiracy theorist”. Many of us know this is manufactured psyops but the mainstream media would never let our voices be heard. Instead puppet pawns like Don Leon, Van Jones or Joy Reid are chosen to be the voices of the black community. These people do not represent us. The media will not speak to the people who actually live in Minneapolis who are saying that many rioters and protectors are NOT from the community. Many of these agitators and agent provocateurs are Antifa. Why would poor people burn down their own community? Even Alex Jones years ago said the fires in Ferguson and Baltimore were started by professional arsons. Black people sadly are useful idiots to the marxist and once again being used as pawns to push these peoples agendas. We are being set up.

  2. Allegedly, George Soros created and funds BLM… it’s interesting to see how this movement has resurrected itself now that the public’s attention has been slowly moving away from COVID because communities are reopening.

    It’s like there always has to be events in place to monopolize the public’s attention. Now they’re back to back to back. Russian Collusion led to Trumps impeachment trial which then led into COVID, and now we have these media focused injustices.

    Apparently both the cop and Floyd knew each other as they both worked security for an individual who gave an interview.


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