PODCAST: DNB: A Big Damn PSYOP, Is Humanity Being Played? (4.7.20)

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The Propaganda Report: DNB: A Big Damn PSYOP, Is Humanity Being Played? (4.7.20)

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST: DNB: A Big Damn PSYOP, Is Humanity Being Played? (4.7.20)”

  1. I am totally psyched, (not psyopped), about the july 4th mass march. I will take time off of work, (tho there’s a great chance I’ll be laid off anyway), drive down from canuckistan, and join in.

    I think mass disobedience is EXACTLY what is called for. A million free person march against the orders of big brother, would have a much greater effect and pushback on the establishment, than a legal, permitted, approved by your federal overlord, gathering.

    The rally in Richmond made a splash because people said fuck you, and forced the powers that be to come at them or back the fuck off.

    Make this happen, Monica. You can do it!

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