PODCAST: Black Holes, Revelation of the Method, & The True Nature of Power with Legalman

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The Propaganda Report Podcast: Black Holes, Revelation of the Method, & The True Nature of Power with Legalman 

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1 thought on “PODCAST: Black Holes, Revelation of the Method, & The True Nature of Power with Legalman”

  1. Legalman goes bit of the rails in his logic around astrophysics.
    He claims everything in a vacuum hit by solar radiation only heats up. Because it has no way of getting rid of the heat.
    That would mean the earth would also only get hotter. As it is in the vacuum of space and is hit by radiation.
    Fact is that these bodies lose energie through radiating infrared radiation. Black body radiation it is called.

    Also he claims black holes can not rotate around each other, as they would swallow each other..
    That would also mean gravity can’t exist. Because the moon has gravity and the earth also. How can they both pull everything in and there be 2 of them?

    Answer: centrifugal forces are balanced with the gravity. Same with the black holes rotating around each other.
    The observation that needs to be explained is a star rotating around something completely black. And there is gravitational lensing.

    Dark matter and dark energy are indeed fudge factors, but no scientist would deny that.

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