PEACE: by the Wonderful People Who Brought You Korea & Viet Nam

In light of President Trump’s first speech at the UN and the precursor to that hosted by Ambassador Nicky Haley and General H.R. McMaster, in which all point to the desire to make the United Nations stronger and more effective, I thought I would reprint a review I did several years ago of a mid-Twentieth Century book about the true nature of the UN. Oh how far we have fallen from “drain the swamp.”

PEACE: by the Wonderful People Who Brought You Korea & Viet Nam
By Archibald E. Roberts, Lt. Col. AUS (Ret.)
As soon as listener Craig recommended this book to me, I was dying to tear into it. It took a bit to find a copy but when I did I dove right in. I must say, I was a bit put off to find it was a collection of essays, speeches, newspaper articles, entries into the Congressional record and a few executive orders, finished off with the complete text of the United Nations Charter. As someone who likes history written in the form of a suspenseful thriller, I was a bit disappointed! Once I got into the rhythm of it, however, I couldn’t put it down. After reading to the end, I found that the format was well-chosen in that it did not at all embellish the harsh reality it exposed: the United Nations is an instrument meant to shape the countries of the world into pieces that will ultimately fit together under a world government.
The UN claims to be an institution of peace, but in fact it is, like all governments, an instrument that uses the threat of force to bring to heel its constituents. It took me a while to fully appreciate the title of the book as well. The UN was established in 1945 by a war-weary world with the promise of peace. Within a handful of years, unnecessary and fruitless wars were fought under the UN banner both in Korea and Viet Nam.
Purely through documenting broad brush strokes of the history of the UN, Roberts demonstrates that the UN is a government, it has an agenda, it claims the right to use force and to demand the United States use force on its behalf and finally and most important, the United Nations Treaty “is the supreme law of the land” according to the United States Congressional record!
Reading the UN Charter to which the Treaty binds us shows the inherent contradiction in this claim. The federal government of the United States does not have the power to implement the social, economic or military mandates dictated by the UN Charter, much less delegate them to a foreign body, yet by allowing the Treaty to stand, we, the sovereign citizens and the sovereign states, implicitly validate the claim that the UN Treaty is in fact law.
Lt Col Roberts urges the states, as the true sovereigns and signatories to the United States Constitution, to repudiate the UN Treaty and restore our sovereignty. The book was written in 1972 and, to my knowledge, no state has yet repudiated the UN Treaty. On the contrary, the UN Treaty has infiltrated every level of government in the United States and its Charter eerily foreshadows the unconstitutional developments that we have accepted since its drafting 70 years ago. Modern scourges such as bloody interventionism, Obamacare, erosion of private property rights and the loss of cultural identity around the world, among scores of other current trends, are rooted in the United Nations Charter and the activities of its many institutions.
PEACE has further convinced me that in fact the movement toward world government is alive and well; that it is embodied most tangibly in the United Nations and its affiliates; that it undermines rather than promotes peace and prosperity; and that it is the driving force behind the neutralization of the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

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