PEACE: by the Wonderful People Who Brought You Korea & Viet Nam

In light of President Trump’s first speech at the UN and the precursor to that hosted by Ambassador Nicky Haley and General H.R. McMaster, in which all point to the desire to make the United Nations stronger and more effective, I thought I would reprint a review I did several years ago of a mid-Twentieth … More

Hitler's Thoughts On Propaganda Activity

In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler writes at length on the subject of propaganda. Propaganda today is more sophisticated, more scientific, and more powerful than at any other time in history. It’s a weapon of mind control, invisible to those whose hearts and minds it seizes. The principles haven’t changed. Understanding how masters of propaganda, … More

Ep. 68 – Hillary’s Agit Prop, Bannon False Narrative & Mainstreaming Sex Bots

CLICK HERE to listen to episode 68 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. The media lies about Hurricane Irma damage. Steven Bannon validates a false narrative in 60 minutes interview. Hillary Clinton’s new book includes agitation propaganda and blatant lies. The dangerous consequences of mainstreaming AI sex bots. And we discuss Mein Kampf. This and much more … More

Ep. 67 – Principles of Limited Government Be Damned! (Podcast)

CLICK HERE to listen to episode 67 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and Harvey, both Republicans and Democrats throw out the principals of limited government in the name of massive amounts of federal relief funding, once again showing their willingness to use crisis as a pretext for the expansion of … More

Fascinating Interview About Hurricane Modification

Here is a fascinating video worth watching to the end. Ben Livingston explains the way in which hurricanes could be affected by cloud seeding & how he himself created torrential rains for the US govt during the Viet Nam War; he also describes how companies like his and other governments around the world use major … More

Ep. 65 – Heil Hurricane Computer Model! Media Warms Towards Kim Jong-un

CLICK HERE to listen to episode 65 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. As Hurricane Irma hammers the Caribbean, the media giddily gushes over an international hurricane computer model. North Korea tests another nuke, prompting the media to change its tune on Kim Jong-un. The media blasts Trump for ending the Dreamer program, even though he didn’t … More

Two New Books for The Bookshelf

Binkley and I have a bookshelf for your perusal or if you are thinking of buying a book and want to know if we’ve come across it and have anything to say about it, search for it alphabetically by author or in the search box. We have quite a few on the shelf already, but … More

Creepy New App Collects Psychometric Data (Video)

“It becomes more than a friend. It becomes you.” Here’s a creepy way to collect psychometric data. It’s a new AI app called Replika that “becomes you” as you feed it personal information. It also looks like yet another great way to erode our connection with the real world. [youtube] I haven’t tried it … More

Ep. 64 – First Amendment Under Fire

CLICK HERE to listen to episode 64 of the Propaganda Report Podcast Friday, September 1st, 2017 – Tech companies take censorship into their own hands. Youtube demonetizes 40 of our videos. While the left and the right fight with each other, they both call for the same solution…..more government intervention. Show originally aired on Saturday, August 29th, … More

Ep. 63 – Never Let An “Unprecedented” Catastrophe Go To Waste

CLICK HERE to listen to episode 63 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. Thursday, August 31st, 2017 – In the wake of the Hurricane Harvey devastation, the media responds by flooding the country with “UNPRECEDENTED” levels of Climate Change propaganda. Was Harvey geo-engineered? Armed with National Flood Insurance, FEMA rides the waves of catastrophe into Texas….and they don’t plan … More