Trump v Tea Party: Whose Side Are You On?

On this week’s show, we’ll talk about the demise of Obamacare 2.0 and the continued in-fighting in the Republican Party…Has the Trump phenomenon been all along a continuation of the Tea Party or an attack on it? You can comment here or on twitter (@monicaperezshow) or call at showtime 404-872-0750 or 800 WSB TALK Saturday … More

Über, Über, Über

Perhaps in retrospect it looks like it had always been obvious, but I remember the a-ha moment I had years ago riding in an Über–I even tried to buy (it was taken by a guy named Guber 🙁 ) for the nexus of google & Über that I had foreseen as the gig economy … More

Weird Meme in "London Rampage"

The front page of The Wall Street Journal today showed this picture, which immediately struck me as highly unlikely. Look at the picture. The story is that Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood (the man in the suit giving CPR to the man on the ground) got to work waiting for medical personnel, but the picture … More