This Week's Meme – Trump is "Home Alone!"

Looks like everyone got the memo about this week’s meme. Trump is angry, withdrawn, alone (nice Home Alone reference in the second image.), and in a dangerous place. This plays into the overarching narrative that Trump is unfit, unstable, and going to nuke us all when an insulting tweet triggers him. These three segments are … More

Ep. 43 – Libertarian Solutions To Today's Issues

CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 43 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 43 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 – On today’s Episode Monica gives you libertarian solutions to the issues the country faces today. And we show how the perception of Jon Ossoff being propagated by his … More

Welfare-Warfare Superstructure (new glossary entry)

In debating a fellow libertarian who was disappointed that I’m not an advocate for unconditional open borders (to read why not, see my comprehensive article on the subject: The Libertarian Immigration Conundrum), I told him that one-off libertarian solutions are sometimes a trap when employed in the context of the Welfare-Warfare Superstructure. As a matter … More

Propaganda Report Mini: Totalitarianism to the Rescue!

Lots of propaganda and agenda in the news today – here’s one of the stories that caught my eye, where the propaganda is & what to watch out for #WTWOF … After pulling back on policing in inner cities and prompting the Ferguson Effect (which I predicted), Chicago is using this government-sponsored dereliction of duty, combined … More

Jon Ossoff – The Perception VS. The Reality

With early voting for Georgia’s 6th district special election beginning today, many in the district will cast their vote for someone the public knows next to nothing about, Jon Ossoff. For a candidate who’s only 30 years old, Ossoff’s campaign makes a lot of bold claims. His supporters should know that a number of these claims … More

(Video) Jon Ossoff, Climate Crusader Ad (Parody)

[youtube] If you like this video, like, share, and subscribe for more on Youtube. This Jon Ossoff ad is a parody. However, his parents do ride their private Yacht around the world. See the links below for more details.……… To hear more about how the perception of Jon Ossoff does not … More