Ep. 40 – Cracking The Code On The Russian Saga

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EPISODE 40 OF THE PROPAGANDA REPORT PODCAST Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 – The Comey Affair, the Russian Hacking Saga, what’s the purpose behind it all? Monica cracks the code. Also, Monica reveals the surprising location of her first, and most memorable, Mother’s Day in Atlanta. And, the Basil Eleby Overpass has … More

How Many Ways Can You Cite An Unnamed Source?

“The use of unnamed sources is among American newspapers’ most damaging habits. People allowed to say things without having to be responsible for them say things they wouldn’t otherwise say. Misinformation, cheap shots–all is possible when no one is accountable. We rob readers the ability to judge what is said. How well placed is the … More

Ep. 39 – Is Liberty on the Rocks? Live Event!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EPISODE 39 OF THE PROPAGANDA REPORT PODCAST. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EPISODE 39 OF THE PROPAGANDA REPORT PODCAST. Friday, May 12th, 2017 – Show originally aired live at Harp Irish Pub in Roswell, Georgia. Monica addresses common questions people have about libertarianism, takes questions from the audience, considers what the first … More

Haystacking (glossary entry)

I just heard Jay Dyer & Tim Kelly on Our Interesting Times discuss the term “haystacking,” a phenomenon I’d been aware of but didn’t know had a name. It means to kill a bunch of people so it doesn’t look like one of them was targeted & thus throws off the investigation–making it like finding … More