Very Clever, Mr. Musk! (follow-on to yesterday's post)

Yesterday, in my post, The Musk Special: Government-Privilege Two Ways, I pointed out how government policy, government subsidies, government-sponsored research and government regulation are crucial to Elon Musk’s Tesla empire, complete with examples of plummeting electric vehicle sales in markets where governments stopped fostering them. This guy’s success is clearly dependent on government policy, and … More

Life Imitates Art. Are We Living In Fun World?

Watching the news is like watching rival cartoon characters do nothing but repeatedly call each other stupid. We are now living in Fun World. A few years ago I was in a television pilot called “Fun World.” The show is described as a dark, comedic glimpse into the not-so-distant future where, following the merger of the Federal … More

The Musk Special: Government-Privilege Two Ways

When I was at Stanford University in Silicon Valley earning a JD-MBA (not a fun place for a principle-based libertarian, at least not at the time), there was no end to techie business or law school students who would argue with me that governments needed to fund research for the betterment of society. (The most … More