Nepotism, Cronyism & Corruption

I don’t get it–did they make his face extra orange on purpose?
From today’s Wall Street Journal:
Donald Trump Son-in-Law Could Face His Own Conflict-of-Interest Questions
Even as an unpaid adviser, Jared Kushner’s financing arrangements for his real-estate firm could draw scrutiny

The real-estate company controlled by Jared Kushner, President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law, has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans outstanding from domestic and foreign financial institutions, markets condominiums to wealthy U.S. and foreign buyers and has obtained development financing through a controversial U.S. program that sells green cards.
Those and other business activities could raise conflict-of-interest issues if Mr. Kushner is named to a staff position in the Trump administration. Executive branch employees are prohibited from participating in any matter in which there is “a close causal link” between that matter and a “real possibility” of a financial gain or loss, according to the U.S. Office of Government Ethics.

This dovetails with an alarm bell that went off for me when I was reading the Journal yesterday:
Donald Trump’s Spending Push Rankles Fiscal Conservatives
Republicans hope to avert ballooning deficits that may result from president-elect’s low-tax, big-ticket agenda

Mr. Trump’s advisers have floated different ideas, including an infrastructure bank or a plan to use tax credits to spur up to $1 trillion in spending by private developers.

I wonder if one of the advisers who thinks a bank dedicated to development projects might be the guy with the huge development business dependent on outside financing? If Jared learned his methods from the father who gave him his start in business (and bought his way into Harvard??), mere cronyism will be the least of the problems with this guy. Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s because the story of Kushner père was buried not only by the mainstream media, but also by all the Republican primary rivals who knew about the tangled history of Kushner, Trump, Clinton & Christie.
Here was my blogpost shouting into the wind from Spring of this year:
Trump’s First MegaDonor Was Senator Hillary’s Biggest Contributor
Charles Kushner, the father of Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared, was sent to jail by Chris Christie for paying a prostitute to seduce his own brother-in-law so his sister wouldn’t testify against him for embezzling money from the family business for use in influence-peddling campaign contributions.
You can’t make this stuff up! But wait–it gets better: the seduction worked but the blackmail didn’t! Even the prostitute testified!! As Nelson would say, “Ha Ha!”
Googling for a picture of Jared to use, I came upon this tidbit from 2012…if it’s to be believed, looks like media cover is old hat for this crew…

New York Post Kills Scoop on Kushner Connection to Manhattan Madam

Young Jared and Rupert Murdoch [the owner of the Post] are quite close. Kushner made it known to the Post that he didn’t think an old business meeting that didn’t go anywhere was a story. We’re sure that if he rang his pal and asked him to keep his father’s name out this whole Gristina mess, Rupert would have obliged. MacIntosh, we hear, was furious at having her story spiked.

Fox spiking–even completely distorting–stories for friends is not unprecedented…ever hear of Jane Akre?

Our Tax Dollars Destroying Jobs

131212130959-incredible-bionic-man-horizontal-large-galleryThe Wall Street Journal today ran a story about gigantic touchscreens appearing in hundreds of McDonald’s in California, New York and Florida. The article was about the technology and the implication, of course, is that we free marketers should rejoice in progress even at the expense of jobs. My problem with this assumption is that much of today’s job-replacing technology is not a result of free market forces. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not a bleeding-heart Elizabeth Warren-type when it comes to jobs (or when it comes to anything!), but I don’t want government action resulting in unemployment, which in itself is a terrible injustice to the eager-but-idle laborer, and more selfishly, I don’t want to increase government dependency at the expense of the taxpayer and to the detriment of a responsible populace capable of self-governance.
As a free marketer, I object to government expenditure on technology from the Department of Defense fostering driverless vehicles to research grants at universities subsidizing corporate R&D. I object not only because redistributing wealth in this way is stealing (Taxation is Theft!), but also because this practice accelerates the adoption of technology at the expense of available labor.
Private enterprise develops and employs new technology in direct response to the availability of labor, which is reflected in the cost of labor. If the cost of labor rises to the point where new technology is cost effective, the technology gets developed and employed and labor goes to its next best use. I am all for that. The process is continuous and organic and results in the constant redeployment of resources in response to the gorgeous efficiency of the pricing mechanism.
To the extent government-subsidized technology contributes to driverless technology or touchscreens* and results in a premature and systemic loss of jobs, it is a travesty in that we taxpayers are funding our own unemployment and dependency.
At the same time, the government’s attack on the price mechanism in wages is giving the corporate sector moral cover for adopting these technologies. The threat and reality of exorbitant minimum wages overall and especially in the restaurant industry is driving these shifts from labor to technology across industries–who can blame the long-suffering industrialist for responding to impossible labor laws? Some have even claimed that corrupt labor unions have also contributed to this phenomenon in decades past by intentionally conspiring to justify the flight of manufacturing oversees or adoption of labor-eliminating technology by pushing for industry-destroying wages and benefits.
As a proponent of free markets and limited government, I always strive to identify the government policies behind so-called market failures or other social ills. The phenomenon of automating jobs in the presence of low work-force participation rates is a case in point.
Here’s the article in today’s paper that brought this to my attention:
Long a Novelty, Gigantic Tablets Are Sneaking Into the Workplace
These devices create new ways for people to collaborate, whether in the office, a McDonald’s restaurant or on a cruise ship
* A quick investigation into the advent of touchscreens reveal they were invented at CERN and the Royal Radar Establishment, both government institutions, and by George Hurst who had a long history of working at government-funded institutions.

Propaganda Report Episode 13: I Want To Know The Truth!

Monday November 28, 2016 – Information overload, emotionalism, the search for truth in our pseudo reality, and much more on this 13th episode of the Propaganda Report.
Caution: Do not listen to this episode in the presence of children! (It’s not what you think–nothing unsavory, it’s just that Binkley made some indiscreet comments about the Man in Red….wouldn’t want them to get into the wrong ears.)
Show notes below.
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Show Notes (roughly in order of mention on the podcast):
Fake site delivering fake advice on what is fake news:
Corbett Report Video on Prop or Not Website
Alex Jones v Larry Pratt on Piers Morgan – who did the better job for gun rights?
Charles Schumer Ready for Battle, but Sees Some Common Ground With Donald Trump
Incoming Senate minority leader would fight broad tax cuts for the wealthy or reductions in entitlement programs; views may converge on infrastructure and trade
This passage appeared in the print version of the article and is not in the online version linked above:

Mr. Trump suggested on Twitter that he saw potential for working with Mr. Schumer who is succeeding sen. Harry Reid as Democratic leader.
“I have always had a good relationship with Chuck Schumer. He is far smarter than Harry Reid and has the ability to get things done. Good News!”

Anti-Trumpers Channel Their Inner Donald
Many who decried Trump now exhibit the worst traits he was accused of.

Since Election Day Americans have seen the trashing of cars and shops that now constitute modern expressions of tolerance. In addition, the flesh-and-blood victims of the Love Trumps Hate beatdowns include a 15-year-old high-school student wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in Rockville, Md., a 49-year-old Chicago man dragged out of his car, and a 21-year-old Arab-American university student chased down and hit from behind at a Black Lives Matter rally in El Cajon, Calif.
All the while, the president-elect continues his Twitter “rants.” Here are a few of the most recent:
“I have always had a good relationship with Chuck Schumer. He is far smarter than Harry R and has the ability to get things done. Good news!”
“General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, who is being considered for Secretary of Defense, was very impressive yesterday. A true General’s General!”
“I settled the Trump University lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because as President I have to focus on our country.”
Guess it depends on what you mean by “lashes out.”

Philosophy of Metrics:
The Mystery of Truth – Information Power and Its Controlled Distribution
A Comparison between the Gutenberg Printing Press and the Internet

Perhaps the intent all along has been to swamp the masses with so much information that it causes a sort of cultural shutdown and avoidance of truth. Drowning out the sound of truth in the modern age would require something like the internet to work alongside the mainstream media in order to ensure the masses never stumble upon what has been hidden right in front of them.
The internet is meant to distribute mass misinformation and false narratives

Internet Reformation – my glossary entry
Trumps New World Order
A Coup and the Transformation of the Anglo-American Establishment
The Take Down of George Soros Has Begun (FREEPOM)
How a Rogue Alliance Betrayed the Rothschild’s and attempted to hijack the One World Government

George Soros is running out of friends.
With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the BREXIT vote in Great Britain, a pattern is beginning to emerge. This pattern is indicating that a major take-down of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, among other organizations, both sub and individual, is in process.

‘Pizzagate’ shows how fake news hurts real people” according to the Washington Post anyway.
Clash of Civilizations dialectic set up in the 1990 article The Roots of Muslim Rage by Bernard Lewis
Clash of Civilizations laid out in 1993 by Samuel Huntington
What is “subsidiarity?”
What if ISIS isn’t what it appears to be?
FoxNews reports video of ISIS beheading Copts faked:
Sachtleben goes to jail for whistleblowing and disseminating kiddie porn: US Govt Makes Al Qaeda Recruitment Videos AND Runs Child Porn Sites???
Times Reporter Will Not Be Called to Testify in Leak Case
Legal Fight Ends for James Risen of the New York Times
Around an hour into the podcast I say James Clapper had something to do with the second underwear bombing–I meant CIA Director John Brennan: Why the underwear-bomber leak infuriated the Obama administration
a.k.a. Tommy Chong
#WTWOF: Will people on watchlists be denied the right to create news?
Freeway Ricky Ross’s official website
Dark Alliance – Gary Webb reveals Iran-Contra & more (then commits suicide by shooting himself in the head–twice?)
French Cops Fell for “Free Ice Cream” Trick?
I guess my story about Brigitte Nielsen was FAKE! Sorry!! But in my research, I found this sad update on the actress: How did Stallone’s movie star wife Brigitte Nielsen end up as a drunk in the park?
GMO Labeling, the Obvious Libertarian Solution

Psychological Warfare & the New World Order by Servando Gonzalez

Trump vs Clinton II "The Recount"

In the highly anticipated 1996 heavyweight championship bout between two giants of boxing, Evander Holyfield pulled off the upset against Iron Mike Tyson. This set the stage for the even more highly anticipated rematch. Holyfield vs Tyson II, aka, “The Sound and The Fury” would become, at that time, the highest grossing boxing match in the history of boxing.
The only thing America loves more than watching a fight between hated rivals…….is watching the rematch.
Trump vs Clinton II, “The Recount”, will no doubt capture American’s attention. It should be enough to keep the country distracted, divided, and filled with rage until at least Christmas. Then what will we fight about next?!
I wonder what the elite will do while America is yet again engrossed in the public spectacle.
(Be sure to read the comments if you want to know my take. And please, join the conversation! ~Monica)

US Govt Makes Al Qaeda Recruitment Videos AND Runs Child Porn Sites???

All for a good cause, I’m sure…
The FBI May Have Run Not Just One But 24 Dark Web Child-Porn Websites
The sites are thought to have accounted for roughly half of all child porn websites on the dark web.

The FBI has a controversial new method of fighting child pornography: distributing child pornography. As part of “Operation Pacifier,” the federal law-enforcement agency ran a dark-web child porn clearinghouse called The Playpen for two weeks, delivering malware to any site visitors, in a scheme that was revealed last summer. But it turns out that site may not have been the only dark-web site that the FBI maintained. According to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the agency was actually authorized to takeover 23 child-pornography websites in addition to The Playpen.

Pentagon Paid for Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos
A controversial foreign PR firm known for representing unsavory characters was paid millions by the Pentagon to create fake terrorist videos.

Lord Bell, who stood down as chairman of Bell Pottinger earlier this year, told the Sunday Times that the deployment of tracking devices described by Wells was “perfectly possible,” but he was personally unaware of it.

At a certain point, running kiddie porn sites and terrorist recruitment videos does more harm than good–and I don’t much believe in unintended consequences (or, for that matter, bizarre coincidences–see below).
Reminds me of the exposé in The New York Times and on Judge Nap’s Fox show (one of his last) that FBI stings were responsible for the vast majority of terrorist busts.

Bet you didn’t know that the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 was an FBI sting operation–they actually provided live explosives! And the Oklahoma City Bombing had FBI operatives deeply involved.
This also reminds me of a “bizarre coincidence” in which an FBI bomb technician who worked on the OKC investigation, Donald Sachtleben, blew the whistle on the second underwear bomber–also an intelligence asset, but for the British–then was arrested for distributing child porn…
And don’t even get me started on the first underwear bomber...

Shocker! Hillary Goes Low

What a shocker! Not that Castro shorted out……that Hillary’s campaign will take part in the recount. The whole reason Jill Stein initiated the process is so that Hillary could say she accepted the elections results……that she took the high road until she was dragged kicking and fainting into to the recount process. You know what they say, when they go low……Hillary Clinton thinks we must all be high……. not to see through this.

Fake News PsyOp Telegraphed Just Before Election

Four days before the election, I wrote an article about various signals we were receiving from Obama and Melania and spelled out by Deep Stater Vernon Jordan. Immediately after the election, I predicted that Melania’s First Lady cause célèbre would be cyberbullying, which would play right into the blueprint Jordan laid out. What I didn’t realize was that Jordan’s article in The Wall Street Journal that day was launching the censorship agenda in real time. Here is my article from November 4–check it out:

Teeing It Up for the Censorship President

When I first read about the Total Information Awareness program on Wikipedia, I was shocked by the creepy logo. Wikipedia has since removed the logo, but fortunately, I had it. (Sometimes when I see such blatant symbolism like this I wonder if they’re just messing with us.)

Recently, President Obama said he wanted a truthiness test for information. (To hear it, click the link and go to chronomark 1:00:00 and listen for about four and a half minutes.) I believe he was focusing on scientific information (climate change in particular, of course), but he made an interesting analogy with the news media.

We are going to have to rebuild, within this wild, wild west of information flow, some sort of curating function…
It used to be there were three television stations, and Walter Cronkite was there…generally people trusted a basic body of information…
There has to be some sort of way we can sort through information that passes some sort of truthiness test.

This wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds out of context (almost!), but I recalled his words while reading the newspaper today and it made me think Obama was revealing a broader mindset that is about to be rolled out.
The first article I read was about a recent appearance by Melania Trump during which she, no doubt sweetly and innocently (I mean that, I’m not being sarcastic),

lamented an increasingly coarse culture in which users of social media, especially children, belittle each other.
“Our culture has gotten too mean and too tough, especially to children and teenagers,” Mrs. Trump said. “We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other.”

bn-eb793_vernon_e_20140812180258I didn’t think too much about Melania’s comments and didn’t put them together with Obama’s until later, when in that same section of the paper I read a piece contributed by Vernon Jordan (remember him? he was a big Bill Clinton advisor & long-time Bilderberger), which paralleled the recent words of both President Obama and Mrs. Trump:

The great new[s](sic) institutions of the 20th century, print newspapers, the evening broadcast news, the trusted anchorman, are fading relics. In their place we have unlimited information, unfiltered, all the time….
Yesterday’s news institutions were far from perfect. But they served an important civic role. They served as filters of information, sorting out facts from lies, and truth from innuendo. They gleaned the significant from the frivolous….
[P]eople in the technology, media and telecom industry…must ensure that we are protected….
We need to use technology’s capacity to clearly, and quickly, delineate facts from lies—regardless of their source, and to develop media that require civility and respect when people exchange opinions.”

To reiterate Jordan’s entreaty: we need the media (formerly known as “the free press”) to filter information and to separate “facts from lies,” “truth from innuendo” and “the significant from the frivolous.” That is, we need our information censored and prioritized by corporate media. He also urges that we “require civility and respect when people exchange opinions”–that is, the tone and content of discourse must be controlled.
Not to nitpick on ol’ Vern, but I might also point out that the “important civic role” of the free press was not “to serve as filters of information,” as he argues, but as disseminators of it. The last thing civil society (to borrow a globalist phrase) needs is to be “protected” from unfiltered information by Big Tech, which seems quickly to be entering the top tier of the corpo-governmental continuum also known as the Military Industrial Complex.
Total Information Awareness is a two-way street. The motto of that now-underground government program was “Information Is Power.” That means they want to have all the information they can while we have as little as we will accept. To gather all possible information, the powers-that-be are instituting the Surveillance State. (I pegged Obama “the Surveillance President” while he was still in his first term.) On the flipside, to control our information, they need censorship.
Given what Obama, Melania & Jordan are hinting at right now, looks like Hillary is being positioned as the Censorship President. I guess it’s time for Big Government to take on the Big Daddy of Constitutional rights: First for a reason! The soon-to-be-late, great First Amendment.

See also: The Censorship Agenda, What To Watch Out For
TIA in Singapore courtesy of DARPA

Dylann Roof: The Media's New Alt Right Demon

img_7520-1Dylann Roof competent to stand trial, judge rules

CNN’s headline story on the morning of Friday, November 25th put Dylann Roof back into the national spotlight. For those working hard to demonize anyone branded with the “ALT Right” or “White Nationalists” label, the timing couldn’t be more convenient.

The demonization of the “Alt Right/White Nationalists” group, has amped up since the election. I previously predicted that after the election a violent incident would be blamed on someone branded an Alt Right extremist. Their purpose in doing this would be to increase the public’s fear of domestic terror and to direct the public’s aggression towards the Alt Right. What I didn’t consider is that they might do this using an old event instead.

Dylann Roof fits the role of a White Nationalist demon perfectly. He’s what the mainstream media wants the public to think of when they think of the Alt Right, White Nationalism, or anything associated with Trump.

I believe that the media will make Roof the face of the Alt Right. The public will be reminded of the Dylann Roof narrative, and they’ll be lead to believe that under a Trump administration, stories like that of Dylann Roof will become common place.

To believe that the Dylan Roof’s of the world will run rampant under a Trump administration is a totally insane and irrational thing to believe. But that’s the purpose of demonization propaganda; to bypass all logic and reason, and appeal directly to fear and hate.

The media has found the face of their Alt Right demon.