Emotionally Correct (new glossary entry)

I walked past a bakery recently and saw some outrageously priced coffee with some heavy marketing elements that said something to the effect that it was grown by desperately poor farmers who sacrifice their children’s food to give you organic, environmentally-friendly coffee (they left out “to fuel your hyper-productive, obscenely materialistic lifestyle,” but that would … More

#WTWOF The Prison-Industrial Complex Uncaged!

In June 2015 a very suspicious prison break with an implausibly lengthy manhunt was reported out of New York State. The story line held that a prison worker who met one of the prisoners while in the prison hospital developed a romantic interest in him and helped him and his buddy escape. This happened to … More

Ep. 47 – The Comey Hearing Wasn’t About Trump or Russia

CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 47 of The Propaganda Report Podcast. CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 47 of The Propaganda Report Podcast Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 – The Comey Hearing, despite appearances, wasn’t about President Trump or Russia. On today’s episode of the Propaganda Report, we discuss what the hearing was really about, and what … More

Was Comey's Written Statement Made Under Oath?

James Comey was under oath during last Thursday’s Senate Intelligence hearing. Comey takes an oath. Was he under oath when he submitted his written statement for the record the day before? The publicly released document contains no certification that the statement was made under the penalty of perjury. Comey’s written statement was the foundation of the … More

Republican Voters DEMAND Infrastructure Spending!

Yeah, doesn’t sound right, does it? Well, whoever sets The Donald’s agenda has put this number one from the beginning. This was the only actual policy item DJT cited in his acceptance speech on election day and it’s likely the first (and maybe only) policy he will succeed in fully implementing.  That effort starts this … More