Pizza Gate "Shooting" Propaganda Intended To Silence Dissent

The silencing of all dissent got a major boost yesterday when “Fake News” and “conspiracy theories” were blamed for what may or may not have been a shooting inside of Comet Ping Pong, a Washington D.C. pizzeria. CNN and other propaganda news sites reported yesterday that Edger Maddison Welch went into Comet Ping Pong around … More

Regulations Are For Cronies…

This is how regulations favor big business…I wrote a whole article about this mechanism coming down in the budding pot industry (seriously, that was not intended!), but today’s Journal put it so simply, so elegantly, I had to share it. Different Sector, Same Principle… Trump Treasury Pick Could Boost Small Banks Mnuchin’s background suggests he … More


This is a must-watch right now. I didn’t even watch it at faster speed–hanging on every word. (h/t JB) Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector, lays out the plan; to paraphrase: Use the conservatives to get Marxist ideas into the mainstream (see Kristol’s Neo-Conservatism)–“leftists are useless;” promise goodies; eradicate free market ideas; precipitate crisis; disallow dissent; then … More

Will the "Fake News" Agenda Lead to Atrocity Propaganda?

“The enemy is atrociously cruel and degenerate in his conduct of the war. A handy rule for arousing hate is, if at first they do not enrage, use an atrocity. It has been employed with unvarying success in every conflict known to man.” “In the early days of the War in 1914 a very pathetic … More

How Do You Say "Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste" in Portuguese?

A terrible tragedy for Brazil–a plane crash that killed almost all aboard a charter carrying a soccer team and the journalists covering their biggest match ever–has turned into a golden opportunity for their Corrupt and Corrupter politicians. The first article below (h/t GNDR) says it all…massive tragedy exploited by Brazil’s grotesquely corrupt political class. Boy … More

#WTWOF North Korean Missile Crisis?

I don’t know exactly how it will unfold, but I know something‘s cooking with North Korea. Perhaps it’ll be President Donald’s first test out of the gate, perhaps it will be his Cuban Missile Crisis moment–perhaps his first war–I don’t know, but I know when I read three different stories about North Korea in twenty … More

Suddenly The First Amendment Matters!

Despite their recent assault on the free speech of anyone in the alternative media, the left was up in arms yesterday about Trump tweeting, “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” Fake News Site Slate, who’s … More

Flag Burning Tweet Was Because of Romney

In what was clearly a staged photo opt, this was the best picture they could get? I guess the photo of Trump sitting on Romney’s chest, shoving wads of napkins into his mouth while demanding an apology, wasn’t the story they wanted to tell. Trump’s recent courting of Mitt Romney is one of the many … More

At Last! The "Conservative Welfare State" We Always Wanted!

When I tell people about the father of the modern GOP, Irving Kristol’s book, Neo-Conservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea, about his successful efforts over the years to transform the Republican party into a “truly political party” that did not worry so much about balancing the budget as controlling it, they are often shocked. But … More