October 2021 Newsletter

Big Announcement!

The Propaganda Report is now on Telegram!!! Click here to find us and join the chat!! You can also still find our lively and growing community on discord here.

Deepest Dive of the Month

Brad & Monica had the best time with Nate of the Reality Czars podcast–he got us to go DEEP!!! You can listen to it here.

Friday Featured Interviews

Every month, we interview a principled thought-leader or subject matter expert (or two!)

This month, we had the absolute privilege of talking to author and activist Wayne Rohde. You can listen to that here. You can get a copy of his book here.

And BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS for our conversation with Filmmaker John Paul Rice here.

Guest Appearances

Cam & Jessica of We Are the Mad Ones tackle 9/11 with Monica

Binkley channels Loki for The Mad Ones

Monica joins Patrons & Proppers on the Resistance Chronicles

Clint & Monica get back to wrangling over Right v Libertarian in a special episode of During the Break.

Joshua Smith introduces Monica to Dan Smotz of The System Is Down podcast & Dave Casey of Dave vs. Goliath for a special episode of Conspiracy Couch


And…courtesy of the lovely and talented Propper from Down Under we all know and love….

Here is a clever interpretation of one of our recent Rokfin clips–the one where the CFR chick says something to the effect of, ten layers deep beneath every tomato canner is a white supremacist. We could not make this stuff up.

Patron Posts

In addition to over 45 minutes of daily, commercial free Drivetime News Blasts, patrons get access to additional content. This month’s patron bonus content includes 2 Patron-Only Q&As here and here.

Disappearing Patron Party

The crew of the Truth or Theory podcast joined us for an epic DPP!

Zoom Party: Living Off the Grid & De-Documenting Yourself

What a time we had! Lots of info, lots of threads to pull on! Here is an excerpt of the zoom party as well as links to all the great reference participants recommended. (The excerpt is only available to patrons. For all the references and recommendations that came out of the party, you can access the public post here.)

Our next zoom party is slated for October 30 but we need to confirm this closer to the date.

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Rokfin Posts

We now put ALL our premium content on Rokfin as well as Patreon so pick your pleasure! We also do amazing deep dives on Rokfin – those you can find nowhere else!! AND….wait for it….we are going to do a test run of….DNB LIVE!!!! On Thursday, October 6 at 1pmPT/4pmET, if all goes according to plan, we will broadcast the DNB XR live on Rokfin AND tack on a 10 minute live Q&A for all those in the chat…Seriously…this could be HUGE!

You must subscribe to Rokfin (here) to watch these videos and listen to our premium content–including the newly dubbed DNB XR and the soon to be a thing DNB LIVE!

If you do subscribe, we offer a special deal to then become a Patron Saint on Patreon. If you want to know more about this deal, please email us at thepropagandareportpodcast@gmail.com. If you don’t know about Rokfin, go ahead and register (land here to start that process) to sample the wealth of free content on there and if you love it, subscribe through one of our videos (click here) & you will get access to all Rokfin creator exclusive content–it’s an amazing deal & the last bastion of free speech–let’s keep it going!

Special Series: Garland’s Battle for Election Integrity

Update with Garland September 11, 2021

Update with Garland September 18, 2021

Update with Garland September 26, 2021

Watch this content ASAP – youtube is after it!

Community Creations!

My plan worked! As you may have heard, if you are going to a farmers market or a festival or anything in your neighborhood or beyond that you think fellow Proppers would enjoy, tell me about it in advance and I’ll send you a tee shirt and shout it out on the air. Wear the tee shirt and let those who know the show connect with you. It’s a great way to make connections in real life when so many are virtual nowadays. AND if you take a picture of such a connection, we’ll put it here (with your permission of course!)

Here’s our first submission! Matt of the Resistance Chronicle and Granite State Spice Blends invited fellow DNB listeners to the Pelham Farmers Market on Main Street in Pelham, New Hampshire (the market runs every Saturday through October 30 from 10AM-2PM) and lo, connection made!! Love the pic guys – thanks so much for sharing it! (Matt didn’t even get the tee shirt yet! Mr. A#2 found him anyway!!)

In other PR Connections…One of our shout-outs this month highlighted some natural products made by real people. If you would like to support them, check out their products here:

Red Pig Tools

Pure Bliss Soap

Natural Clothing Company

Blast From the Past

The Propaganda Report’s past work on the shocking story of the Senate’s experts on Russian election interference actually interfering in the Roy Moore election! Originally aired on WSB. You can find it here.

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Monica recommends: Mind Control, World Control: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control, by Jim Keith

Brad recommends: Blueprint for Revolution: How to Use Rice Pudding, Lego Men, and Other Nonviolent Techniques to Galvanize Communities, Overthrow Dictators, or Simply Change the World, by Srdja Popovic

A big thanks to Cam Harless of the We Are the Mad Ones podcast for filling in for Brad this month. During that time, he offered up a book recommendation: 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America and Four Who Tried to Save Her, by Brion McClanahan

This Month’s Glossary Entry

The Contrary Law of Democracy
I have noticed that if the powers that be want to perpetuate an unpopular war, they put a Democrat in to silence the anti-war left. If they want more spending and debt, they put a Republican in to silence the fiscally conservative right. This practice is called giving left-cover or right-cover respectively, but I have begun to notice that it’s the rule not the exception. It will take a Republican to increase infrastructure spending and debt while Democrats will make a comeback to oversee the next leg of the endless war or to negate any universal reading of “my body my choice” in the vax era. In short, you are likely to get the opposite of what you were voting for in a democracy that ultimately thrives on silencing constituents not representing them. (I also call this Monica’s First Law of Democracy or the Perverse Law of Democracy.)

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Maple Perfect Manhattan

What To Watch Out For in the Month To Come

We are really looking forward to having conversations with Connor Boyack, author of the Tuttle Twins, Robert Frederick of The Hidden Life is Best podcast, the great John Lott (author of More Guns, Less Crime!), the Learn & Grow podcast, the Generation Zed podcast, Noble of the CFR podcast, Richard Grove of Tragedy & Hope and Grand Theft World, Jim Gale of Food Forest Abundance, and who knows what else! It’s going to be a BIG month!

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