November 2021 Newsletter

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The new Propaganda Report tee-shirts are here! Now in blue, black & grey and in more sizes! To buy one before your choice of size or color sells out, click here.

Deepest Dive of the Month

Love being Guest #1 for a great new podcast! Check out The New Dystopia with Dee & Amy…and Monica!

Friday Featured Interviews

We don’t always want to talk–sometimes we want to listen, so on most Fridays we interview principled thought-leaders and subject matter experts, and occasionally an exceptional podcaster or political activist or all around world-betterer.

Here are this month’s….

We spoke with Robert Frederick, host of the must-listen podcast, The Hidden Life Is Best: Francis Bacon and the Gnostic English Empire, which you can find here. To listen to our conversation, click here.

Jim Gale brought his energy and vibrancy to the show for a conversation about his labor of love, Very cool. To hear our conversation, click here.

A big thanks to John Lott, founder of Crime Prevention Research Center and so much more. He is a veritable Thomas Sowell of gun stats research & that’s no coincidence! Listen here to understand what I mean!

We wrapped up the month with the OG of truth & podcasting, the one and only, Richard Grove, originally of Tragedy & Hope and now host of Grand Theft World and so much more in between. He is always one step ahead and he paid us a visit to tell us what he’s up to now. Click here for this informative and inspirational conversation.

Bonus Interview

A Conversation with Connor Boyack, author of the Tuttle Twins. I met Connor through Freedomfest and I love his books for kids. They take 12 (so far) of the classics of libertarian thinking and apply them through the lives of the Tuttle Twins characters. They are very well done and educational. Check them out here, and use code MONICA for a 40% discount on the book set!

Meet-Ups & Special Events!

Monica is having a meet-up in the Los Angeles area on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 6...If you want to come, check out the meet-ups page or email her at…hope to see you there!

As for meet-ups in October..there was only one…Monica meets Mai Tai! When asked by Legit Bat for a photo of Maui Monica, I realized I only took one and here it is! LOL

Our Patron Saint at, host of has planned a great virtual event for all Propaganda Report listeners. In his own words:

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November Gunpowder treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

“On Friday, November 5th I’ll be live streaming V for Vendetta around 5:30-5:45pm EST (on the Discord), which should finish the movie right before the DPP; before V for Vendetta I’ll set a playlist for a bunch of the other Tunnel movies, total recall, demolition man etc, and I’ll set that playlist to run from 8am EST to 5pm EST. Anyone is free to pop in and join us, it should be a fun time!”


He wants all you Proppers in Atlanta (these would be the OPs) to rendezvous with him and some folks we met at Neighbors and check out Robbie Bernstein’s end of year comedy event on December 9. You can get tickets to that here: End of Year Recap

*To schedule a meet-up or invite Brad or Monica to one, start one here.

And…courtesy of the lovely and talented Propper from Down Under we all know and love….

Patron Posts

In addition to over 50 minutes of daily, commercial free Drivetime News Blasts, patrons get access to additional content and early releases. This month’s patron bonus content includes:

Zoom Party: Expats here & there!

The zoom parties are for patron saints, but all patrons can view a sample and access the links here.

Second Friday Q&A

Fourth Friday Q&A

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Rokfin Posts

Our deep dive for Rokfin subscribers this month, The CFR wants a 9/11-type response to the Jan. 6 “terror attack,” can be found here.

We have also begun to post the DNB XR premium content commercial free 50-minute daily news show every day on Rokfin and ONLY ON ROKFIN we are also broadcasting the DNB LIVE! on Thursdays. For the October 28 show click here. For the October 14 show click here, and to see Cam and Brad do it their way, click here. And HERE is our inaugural foray into the DNB Live! from October 7. So fun.

You must subscribe to Rokfin (here) to watch these videos. If you do subscribe, we offer a special deal to then become a Patron Saint on Patreon. If you want to know more about this deal, please email us at If you don’t know about Rokfin, go ahead and register (land here to start that process) to sample the wealth of free content on there and if you love it, subscribe through one of our videos (click here) & you will get access to all Rokfin creator exclusive content–it’s an amazing deal & the last bastion of free speech–let’s keep it going!

Special Series: Garland’s Battle for Election Integrity

Watch this content ASAP – youtube is after it!

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Brad recommends Getting Us Into War, by Porter Sargent.

Monica recommends People Who Eat Darkness: The True Story of a Young Woman Who Vanished from the Streets of Tokyo–and the Evil That Swallowed Her Up, by Richard Lloyd Parry.

Cam recommends The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, by Michael Heiser.

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Vaxist & MK Apartheid (glossary double header)

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Cat Nip Cocktail

What To Watch Out For in the Month To Come

This month we will be talking with gun rights activist Nikki Goeser, the great Dave Zed of the Generation Zed Podcast, our friend and truly beautiful human being Noble of the CFR Network, the lovely and talented Voluntary Vixens AND, for the first time! we will chew the fat with Buffalo Rambler and Leggs of the False Reality Check Podcast (you know THAT’s going to be fun!!!)

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