My Top 50 Go-To News Sites – Headlines of the Day

Getting accurate news as well as good faith analysis is a challenge in this age of information overload, disinformation and limited hangouts, but one can develop what I have dubbed “truthdar” and sort through the headlines to get a sense of what’s really going on.
It’s also quite challenging to hit all your top sites in any reasonable amount of time. To this end, I put together on my website a column of the latest three headlines from my top fifty (give or take) news sources. Some of the sources are straight up mainstream and some are brilliant and sincere analyses of the news of the day. Most of the rest are something in between. I also look at the newsfeeds from some of the institutions in the networks of the power elite (cfr, brookings, etc) just to keep up on what they’re up to and get some insight into what’s on their agenda.
It takes some practice to get used to separating fact from spin, so don’t take anything even in this list as gospel, but I do find that these are the sources I return to time and again to see if there are headlines worth clicking on to see one or another’s opinion on the news of the day or to see what the agenda is from the horses’ mouths.
I hope you find it helpful.
I have put some of my go to sources as well as the mac daddies of power elite institutions (chatham house, club of rome, etc.) along the right column on, but the comprehensive list of all my go-to sources is along the right column of, mostly because that wordpress theme lends itself better to a long list. Just click through and scroll down to peruse and access the latest headlines….

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