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  1. Monica asserted that Bitcoin is anonymous. That belies her understanding of Bitcoin, which undermines the value of any comments she has on the subject. Bitcoin is an existential threat to all central bank fractional reserve fiat currency and the best hope we have for freedom from Central Bank Digital Currencies. One of the ways the bankers are fighting Bitcoin is with the proliferation of other crypto currencies. Another tactic is fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The bankers may succeed in ruining Bitcoin, but I think strength of Bitcoin and the community growing around it will defeat the bankers, or, at least, offer a better alternative to those who will take it. Also, the scam of virology and germ theory competes with the scam of fiat currency and the viability of Bitcoin to challenge it for top place in which scam is the worst scam. Fiat currency and virology are two of the foundations upon which the tyranny of the global technocratic biosecurity state are based. I know that Monica is well versed in the information that falsifies virology. I heard her interview David Crowe of the Infectious Myth. Yet, she still talks about illness from viral contagion as if it were real. Money and medicine – Monica, that’s two strikes!

    • Hi Bren, I hadn’t heard that about bitcoin v CBDC — i’ll have to think about that…it’s always been my gut feeling that bitcoin was a stepping stone to a cashless society, however, if it was just pre-empting the Evil Overlords’ cashless society, I’ll have to consider thinking about it that way. As for viral contagion…I was absolutely of the belief that viruses were not at all contagious before and after I spoke to David Crowe. Problem is, I got CoViD, seemed to me, from a freshly vaccinated person in January 2021 and I’m not the only one–I keep seeming to observe at least this type of contagion. It could be that it’s in the air & everyone is getting it who is in that place (though the serial nature of getting symptoms is not totally explained by this)…my working theory right now, however, is that viruses may or may not have been contagious prior to this thing–I can’t think of an example of a viral contagion that I firmly believe even including this one–but because of at minimum 40 years of gain-of-function “research,” we may have a viral contagion or–what I really think is that we have contagious vaccines. I think this clicked into place for me when I was reading about the Danny Casolaro murder and stumbled upon some patents from the 80s for bioweapons and their antidotes & I believe among them was a viral one, though I’m not positive–but I did think if they’ve been working on it for 40 years they may have made it happen. Only the Priests of the Electron Microscope know for sure!
      (What happens if I get a third strike??)

      • THIRD STRIKE? – You don’t want to find out! LOL

        It’s almost impossible to filter out the noise and tune into the signal of reliable information.

        It’s not that viruses aren’t contagious – it’s that they don’t exist, and how do you know you got COVID, the PCR test?

        I, too, have experienced contagion following exposure to vaccinated people. I have heard Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Lee Merritt conjecture that people injected with graphene oxide become transceivers of the radio wave signals that cause illness. The 5G system will amplify and enhance that.

        Gain-of-function research to create bioweapons is certainly real, but I believe the main delivery vehicle is through the tried-and-true hypodermic injection. However, aerosol spraying in chemtrails might be a delivery system, and poisoning water and food is surely happening. But virus particles seem too risky to be relied upon – maybe, I don’t know, these guys are clever and determined.

        I heard Dr. Thoman Cowan admonish an interviewer who was on the fence about germ theory being partly true. He said, “we’ve got to get it right, or we’ll just keep making the same mistake”. That mistake is falling for the next variant or next pox that comes our way.

        Their Great Reset can’t happen without us believing in viral contagion.

        We want a cashless society, we just want it to be decentralized. Bitcoin is decentralized. No one controls it, and its security has been tested and has stood up to repeated attacks. The controlled demolition of the global economy and of the US Dollar is in preparation for instituting a CBDC tied to a digital ID tied to a vaccine passport, tied to a social credit system, with the vaccine tied to the AI through graphene oxide self-assembling nanobot transceivers, total control. I want no part of it, and Bitcoin is my way out.

        Keep up the good work, I’m counting on it!

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