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    Dr Vernon Coleman has been shouting about vaccines for 50+ years. He’s been calling this out since day 1. This page on his new website is GOLD for showing the blind, deaf ones. Check the many links. 👍

    • @Monica Perez – Dr Vernon Coleman from UK is someone I would LOVE to see you asking your intelligent questions to.

    • Stella you are hitting on all my favourites! In the early days of the pandemic it was the videos from the two Vernons (Carl Vernon and Vernon Coleman) who were keeping me sane and showing me that not all Brits were totally hypnotised by the mainstream propaganda.

      It would be fantastic to get him on the Prop Report. If you listen to the UK based 21 Wire podcast (which is great too BTW) there was a good interview with him on there recently.

    • I’m loving my ‘same brain train’ friends here. It’s a lovely symbiotic experience that I’m very grateful for.

    • Hear, hear, the Prop Report community is just great for keeping us all sane. You should pop into the Discord chat some time Stella; it’s great.

    • We need to start our own society. The others do not want us in their world and we do not fit in or want to be in their world.

    • It is becoming more clear every day. Are used to overlook differences with other people but it is becoming almost impossible now to do that.😻😻❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾

    • Sorry for the typo I meant I used to overlook differences. It is very difficult to proofread these posts because it’s a little tiny square that they are printed in.

    • I find it odd that people think it’s totally appropriate to almost demand to know if you have had the COVID-19 vaccine. Someone asked me yesterday and I did not answer and I could tell that she was frustrated. This was someone that I used to do some work for and who are used to talk to occasionally on the phone.
      From now on I just will avoid her entirely.

    • @cats Good for you for standing your ground. It’s never anyone’s business, not even a cop. Next time someone demands to know, ask them what the last STD was that they were tested for. They’ll get the idea.