• StaceyA posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    I’m so disappointed right now. People in my voting district have completely shit the bed. Today was an Election Day in our county and town. I live in the county so my ballot only had 2 things to vote for. School board and county health department board. I have neither children in school or use the health department but I still voted. At 5:30pm, I was the 5th voter at my precinct. I hope all those people complaining about voter suppression are turning out for their municipal and county elections as well. #Disappointed!
    Ps, this is my first post here and I hope I did it correctly.

    • sad to say the local elections are the things that matter to you most and you actually have an impact…we grew up in trust and we will pay the price…my father warned me but even i am still trying to figure it out…i thought not to participate and now i think we must save the remnants of our rights even if it’s merely through govt limits…a truly free society is not going to happen

    • Thanks for the reply, Monica. To put it in perspective, in the Nov election I voted around lunch time and was something like 200 or so. So to be #5 an hour and a half before poll close is frustrating. However, this is absolutely not the only thing disappointing me in the country right now. Just top of the list today. Ha!