• Renee Barrentine posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    If the gov’t wanted it to look like states where most non-vaxx people live have higher covid rate, they could just make high covid rate happen for real… spray it out with chem-trails, dribble it in the water, or however it is these bio weapons “escape”. Anyone else have the same frightening thought?

    • Yes @reneebarrentineme-com I have to put my hand up there. I’m just in the process of installing an additional 3000L water tank in case the mains goes down or – what you said – but if it comes to spraying in the chemtrails – I guess we’re all kinda screwed. Meet you in the tunnels? 😎

    • Funnily enough Stella we’re having some garden construction done right now and we’ve just asked the builder about the feasibility of us having a 5,000 L water tank put in.