• Renee Barrentine posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Curious how others are handling “No entry w/o masks unless fully vaccinated.” Client is requiring this for a mandatory site visit. Don’t know if they ask for proof. Do I:
    a) Say, “None of your biz? Against HIPPA and unconstitutional to ask?” And walk in w/o mask
    b) Or make no statement. Walk in unmasked but have one in pocket in case they ask?
    c) Or make no statement. Walk in unmasked but and have “doctor” excuse for reason not to wear mask in back pocket in needed

    • What is your goal? My goal is generally to avoid wearing a mask and avoid causing a scene.
      IF I get asked I would probably say something like “Oh I don’t have any proof, do I need to still wear a mask?”
      I’ve found there is little reason to engage someone in conversation in those situations. They’re either doing their job or passionate. I’m not going to change their mind in two minutes.

      Maybe you can just flash the Victory/Peace/Vaccinated sign and just walk right by.

    • I live in Oregon and usually do your option B. Surprisingly not many people say anything, but since this is a customer, and they specifically asked for only vaccinated unmasked, I would have one just in case.