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    what do you make of this @byronomo

    • As an economics idiot, I too would like to hear all opinions.
        • @byronomo is the man for this job
            • The most detailed and comprehensive response I could give to answer the question as completely as possible is:

              “Yes” (the cure is worse than the disease).

              You can read on, but the below is a repeat of the above.

              Seriously, without getting into economics or making wild predictions/projections we can objectively state the following:

              *As of right now*, (and this could change) the “cures” that are being implemented are in response to deliberate policy decisions (justification notwithstanding) that could ONLY have the effect of causing economic stress. Put differently, the fiscal response has certainly not been a response to the loss of the economic output of those who have succumbed to COVID or the economic strain of caring for those who are yet undergoing treatment.

              If policies are implemented out of a desire to thwart the “worst possible case”, then statistically you MUST be over-reacting in every outcome other than the worst-case. (extreme case cited for illustration)

              I’m quite sure that I can kill a fly with a flamethrower. But should I do so, just for the sake of “making sure I get it”?