• Byron posted an update 1 month ago

    This article reads like a game of “see how many messed up things you can find in this article….”

    Doesn’t pass my smell test. The guy lived in California for 30 years working for American Airlines and needed an Arabic interpreter to plead in his case?


    And [my sarcastic paraphrase] he “pinky swore” that what he did had NOTHING to do with terrorism despite his avowed support for ISIS and investigators shrugged and said “OK”?

    • because he was upset union contract negotiations had stalled? @binkley–you had pointed out all the weirdness around the labor unions recently as well…i could chalk it up to just more generic institutionalization of the citizenry but maybe there’s more to it…the “problem” is the union? the “reaction” is this act of terrorism? what is the “solution?” one big worldwide labor union?