• Byron posted an update 2 months ago

    1. She was arrested for a serious crime (“criminal attempt to commit murder” and (conceptually) should be prosecuted as an adult—why no name or mugshot?

    2. The allegations are a 16yr old girl planned a “lone wolf” knife attack. To me this seems like an odd concept.

    3. I’d be curious to know the extent of her “plans”–for example was there a level of detail such as “…at 10:47, there is usually an usher standing at this position who can easily be overtaken…”.

    4. I find it strange that she was accused of “planning the attack for weeks” and that the actual overt act that she committed was showing up at the church when it was empty. How can one both “plan to attach during a worship hour” and show up at an empty church when the hours during which the church is occupied are posted in front?

    5. The weapons were not “assault” or “hunting” type knives, but kitchen knives. The police chief insists that he is certain that had she been able to carry out her lone wolf assault that the result would’ve been “ugly”. I wonder what the bar is for “ugly”.

    6. The police chief has publicly CONFIRMED both that: The 16yr old girl *IS* a racist AND that her parents *ARE NOT* racists. Very, very strange IMO.

    7. Over the past year, there have been a number of articles/incidents highlighting racism in this particular small town in Georgia. Might this incident serve as a distraction from the prior allegations by signalling (real or manufactured) a “zero tolerance” policy all for the low, low price of an anonymous 16yr old girl “vanishing” from the community?