Indivisible (The Resistance) Exploiting Gun Violence (Video from Indivisible)

Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, the con artists known to the world as ‘Indivisible’ have posted a new Youtube video. Indivisible, if you’re not familiar, is one of the major arms of the Trump Resistance. They work hand in hand with the just as horrible Women’s March Organizers. They train Trump haters in their brand of activism. In other words, they train them to parrot talking points and scream at their congressmen and women while flailing around on the floor. Oh, and they train them to make furries not seem so weird.

Pretty sure she has nothing to worry about. Why is there only one hand?

Anyway, The Resistance is behind this #NEVERAGAIN movement. They’re exploiting people’s suffering for their own political gain. And they’ve thrown a bunch of teenagers into the political fire to do it. Everyone wants children to be safe in schools. EVERYONE. Is that not something that the Left and the Right can agree on? Guess not. If they haven’t already, Indivisible will send out an email to their loyal followers (I subscribe), pressuring them to give Indivisible massive amounts of even more money if they hope to stop the evil, murderous Republicans in the wake of this shooting. These manipulative douchebags sicken me.

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