Facebook 'Vetting' Local News Sources for New Mobile Feature

Facebook is currently testing a new feature on its mobile app called, “Today In,” a feed made up of local news. The purpose of the new feature is to help people find local news from “vetted” sources. That’s right. Facebook wants to vet your local news sources for you.
According to Record, who spoke with the social media giant, “Facebook is using machine-learning software to surface content in this new section. Local news publishers who appear there will all be approved and vetted by the company’s News Partnerships team, which is overseen by former NBC news anchor Campbell Brown.” 
Over the summer Facebook removed a link that I posted because someone flagged it. The link was to an official government document on the official Georgia Secretary of State website. If that’s the kind of vetting Facebook intends to do locally as well, I think I’ll pass.
You can read the rest of the Record article here.

4 thoughts on “Facebook 'Vetting' Local News Sources for New Mobile Feature”

  1. I already subscribe (via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) to various local news stations around the nation. By doing so I get to see 1) what stories the national media decides not to run; and 2) I get to see which stories the few news corporations that own all the local news stations have decided to push. It’s funny because when they do decide to push a story, I will see the same story, with the same photo, with the same introductory Facebook comment, posted to Facebook at the same time — all by supposedly local news stations.

  2. I did a who, what, where on this story, quoted the part I found relevant, and linked the source because I anticipated this would happen 8 months ago. You saw other places that linked this story comment about how Facebook censored an official government document from an official government website?

  3. I swear to God if I ever get a chance to shake Mark Zuckerbergs hand I’m gonna pinch his cheek instead to see if he is a clone. Someone reported me for spam after sharing the link to your most recent episode on the kate steinle Op. In other news, I hope QAnon has absolutely no relationship to the technocrat crowd that zuckerberg belongs to. Today 1/15/2018 Viji Varghese the guerrilla economist was saying qanon made ANOTHER accurate prediction. As you know, many people are claiming qanon predicted the hartsfield-jackson airport fire and subsequent, uninspected takeoff by Cal Cargo. Right now, I’m leaning towards the QANON op involving a series of credibility building events leading up to something bigger. Whatever is going on, I just hope it doesnt trace back to Zuckerberg or any of his technocratic cohorts. Will be bad enough if Qanon or #Tyler traces back to Thiel. And when media voices throw Kurzweil’s name into the conspiracy theories, I really start to shiver. That guy is fucking crazy.

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