Life Imitates Art. Are We Living In Fun World?

Watching the news is like watching rival cartoon characters do nothing but repeatedly call each other stupid. We are now living in Fun World.
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A few years ago I was in a television pilot called “Fun World.” The show is described as a dark, comedic glimpse into the not-so-distant future where, following the merger of the Federal government and a multi-media conglomerate, television (the Me-V) is used for mind control, spying and the general invasion of the lives of the public.
A friend recently pointed out to me how watching the news reminded her of a scene from Fun World. In the scene, a zombified and television addicted family can’t stop watching a cartoon where the characters do nothing but repeatedly call each other stupid. Mind controlled by the stupidity, the family is completely unaware that the government has seized control of their lives.
Cartoon characters repeatedly calling each other stupid. That’s a pretty accurate description of what we’ve been watching on the news for about the past year.
Click on the image below to watch the scene. It’s cued up to start at the 3:59 mark, and the scene ends at the 4:40 mark. The link is to the full pilot. If you want to see the trailer to get a better idea of what the show is about, I’ve included that below as well.
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Here’s one of the trailers for the show. (1 minute)


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