Ep. 88 – Youtube Bans Us for Questioning (Originally aired February 24th, 2018)

Youtube bans and removes our show on Parkland shooting and Sheriff Scott Israel. Online censorship heats up. First and secondment are under heavy attack. Show originally aired on WSB radio, Atlanta on February 24th, 2018. 
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14 thoughts on “Ep. 88 – Youtube Bans Us for Questioning (Originally aired February 24th, 2018)”

  1. What was the reason for Wordpress sending you a warning email? I have an online friend who is a philosophy professor (and pretty much an official story guy) who recently had his Wordpress blog suspended over a link to a flagged site. (I don’t yet know what site it was.) Also, I had a four year-old radio debate between me and Jim Fetzer about the Boston Bombing removed by YouTube the other day for community guidelines violation (bullying and harassment). As for any new gun laws I think they will try to push the same thing they did after Sandy Hook: an end to private sales and disqualifying virtually everyone via mental health evaluations according to the DSM5, which considers everyone to be mentally ill. Obviously they don’t intend to enforce existing laws, they intend create new laws that will deprive us of what little is left of our rights.

  2. This is how you can tell that u are doing the right thing. I still think once y’all post ur crypto wallet addresses it will open the doors to more patronage…. For what it’s worth.

  3. I’m with Binkley. This IS great. Look how Jerome Corsi handled the situation. They shut him down and he tweetstormed about duking it out with Eric Schmitt. This is the guy (Corsi) leading the Qanon charge. YouTube reinstated Corsi. I think y’all are fighting the same battle. Could find strong allies in eachother

  4. In two years, our censorship issues might be solved by decentralized streaming service ThetaToken. The psychic Michelle Whitedove predicts theta will be huge. Seriously, their white paper is legit. Our censorship issues are made possible by centralized power, right?

  5. Reference Steve in Atlanta’s question about Where do you go to? I’d suggest Syria. Nobody has been proven to love freedom and their country more than the Syrians now into their 7th year fighting Western proxy armies as well as the US, Israel and Turkey.
    Syria is the front line in the fight against the globalists and if it falls, there’s really only Iran and Russia left in that region.
    It’s strange to think that American freedom is in Syria but I’ve realised that if Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah cannot stop the Coalition of Evil, then we’re all doomed.
    If they win, then that region could be the birthplace of humanities future.

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