Ep. 46 – The Real Jon Ossoff Embodies Everything Liberals Hate About Trump

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Thursday, June 8th, 2017 – Electing Jon Ossoff is giving the keys of the Georgia sixth district over to the puppet master who truly controls Jon…..his father…Richard Martin Ossoff. This should terrify Ossoff supporters because Richard Ossof is the embodiment of everything they hate about Donald Trump.
On this episode of the Propaganda report, we reveal surprising details about Jon’s mysterious and elusive father. We show you why Jon’s campaign promises are in direct conflict with his father’s interests. We introduce you to the gaggle of multinational billion dollar firms that his father is in bed with. And we illustrate how Richard Ossoff is the embodiment of all the things Jon’s supporters hate about Donald Trump. If you support Jon Ossoff, this information is vital to you.
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Jon Ossoff’s father is Richard Ossoff.

“Ossoff is the son of 2013 SIPA Hall of Fame inductee Richard Ossoff, president and CEO of longtime SIPA member Strafford, which helps attorneys and business professionals get the information they need to stay on the cutting edge.”

SIPA is a Washington D.C. based International trade association.

“Our members own and operate organizations the produce information for various business, consumer, and educational audiences.”

Richard was president of SIPA, and is now in the SIPA Hall of Fame. He received his undergraduate degree, a B.A. in government, from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., and MBA at the Harvard Business School.
After graduating from Franklin and Marshall in 1971, his first job was with the now defunct Office of Economic Opportunity. The director of the agency at the time was Frank C. Carlucci, who went on to become the Deputy Director of the CIA in 1978.
While Lyndon Johnson created the Office of Economic Opportunity, Richard Nixon was President during Richard Ossoff’s time there. 
Between his stint working in the Nixon government and his next job, Ossoff went to Harvard Business School, receiving his MBA in 1975. After that, he began working for McKinsey & Company, the world’s largest strategy consulting firm by revenue. McKinsey generates over 8 billion per year.
Here’s some info on McKinsey to give you an idea of the type of company Ossoff worked for.
This passage from the article paints a picture of a McKinsey Consultant. So far, the research into Jon Ossoff’s mysterious father is proving the following description to be pretty accurate. 
Behind the singular mystique of McKinsey & Co.

“Remarkably, that pervasive influence has come even though McKinsey contains more contradictions than the Bible. The firm is well known, but there is almost nothing known about it. Precious few McKinsey employees have ever become acclaimed in the outside world. The employees are trusted and distrusted—and loved and despised—in equal measure. They are a collection of huge egos that are yet content to stay behind the scenes. They are confident but also paranoid. And they are helpful yet manipulative with their clientele—and even their own people. What do they actually do? They are managerial experts, cost cutters, scapegoats, and catalysts for corporate change. They are the businessman’s businessmen. They are the corporate Mandarin elite, a private corps, far from prying eyes, doing behind-the-scenes work for the most powerful people in the world. How do they do it? Well, their methods have been compared (by others and by themselves) to the Jesuits, the U.S. Marines, and the Catholic Church. They feel so strongly about themselves that they have insisted on a proper noun where one need not exist. To an outsider, they are a consulting firm. To themselves, simply, The Firm.”

The Firm—a story that is inextricably tied to the dramatic and fluid story of American business itself in the twentieth century.”

“After almost a century in business, McKinsey can lay claim to the following incomplete list of accomplishments: Once before, well before Romney was running for the presidency, it remapped the power structure within the White House; it guided postwar Europe through a massive corporate reorganization; it helped invent the bar code; it revolutionized business schools; it even created the idea of budgeting as a management tool.”

“Above all, McKinsey consultants have helped companies and governments create and maintain many of the corporate behaviors that have shaped the world in which we live.”

“McKinsey consultants were on the scene when General Motors drove itself into the ground. They were Kmart’s advisers when the retailer tumbled into disarray. They pushed Swissair in a direction that led to its collapse. They played a critical role in building the bomb known as Enron and collected massive fees right up until the moment of its spectacular explosion.”

Is McKinsey & Co. the Root of All Evil ?
McKinsey & Co. Isn’t All Roses in a New Book
Is global consulting giant McKinsey evil?
CIA has paid millions to a consulting firm to help with reorganization
Finding details about Richard Ossoff stint with McKinsey & Company has not been easy. In all but one of the things I’ve found, R. Ossoff talks about his time at McKinsey almost in passing, like it was a summer fling. That doesn’t seem to be the case. The passage below is from a 1982 Florida newspaper. The same story appeared in other newspapers across the country around the same time. If you click on the link you will see that you have to pay to get full access to the papers archives. I’ll paste the passage below but if you want to see it on the site, do a search for “Ossoff” and “Richard”  within the website (command F). The text is available towards the bottom of the page for free.


Monday, October 25, 1982 Page: Page 1D

“Richard Ossoff, a 33 – year – old with an MBA from Harvard, was “moving hard and fast toward big success” after three years with an international management consulting firm in Washington and didn’t consider himself burned out. In 1978, the firm chose him to help open its Atlanta office. He’d made more than 160 airline flights in the past year, often to three or four cities a week. “I was working for three clients simultaneously … The pace was fantastic the kind of thing where you wake up in the morning and look over at the hotel notepad to see what city you’re in. ? “But the frustration was grinding. The work wasn’t even fun. I didn’t want to do that kind of consulting anymore. When the work had been fun, the pace was tolerable; when I didn’t enjoy the job anymore, it became intolerable.” Then he quit. He joined a small real estate development firm. Then he pulled back even further, to some private venture capital projects and experiments with newsletter publishing. He’s also consulted for small business. He lives “very comfortably,” largely off Investments.”

The article strangely doesn’t provide the actual name of the international consulting firm, but everything lines up with it being McKinsey and Company. After graduating from Harvard Business School in 1975, R. Ossoff went to work for McKinsey and Company. The Washington D.C. McKinsey Office opened in the 1960’s. 
There’s no information indicating that he worked for another international consulting firm within that time period. And the Atlanta office of McKinsey and Company did open in 1978, the same year Ossoff was sent to Atlanta to open up a regional branch of the global firm he worked for. From McKinsey’s website,

“Atlanta is an economic powerhouse, home to 150,000 businesses and numerous educational institutions that make it one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. Since our office opened in 1978, we continue to serve many Fortune 500 clients, from consumer-packaged goods to telecommunications across both public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.”

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Richard Ossoff was sent to Atlanta to open the McKinsey & Company’s regional office in 1978. This means he was a major player with one of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful, and most influential company’s, yet his name is never mentioned by Jon Ossoff, or anyone else associated with his campaign. Richard is involved in his son’s campaign. He’s donated thousands to it. The mystery around Richard Ossoff fits the McKinsey and Company stereotype described above.
Richard Ossoff’s boss as the Office of Economic Opportunity would later become the Head of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Advisor under Reagan, and the Secretary of Defense also under Reagan. And that’s just one of the people he worked with during his time working for the Nixon government. From an early age, Ossoff was in a position to develop well-connected, high ranking, powerful contacts. This was also the case when he went to Harvard Business school to get his MBA. He was there from 1973 to 1975, the same time future President George W. Bush was there. That doesn’t necessarily mean they knew each other, but every Harvard Business School class produces its fair share of CEO’s Investment Bankers, Consultants, Fortune 500 executives, and venture capitalists. After Harvard, he went on to McKinsey and Company where he flew around the world consulting with top executives from the world’s richest Global companies. The man is well-connected.
By the time R. Ossoff arrived in Atlanta in 1978, he had no doubt developed an impressive contact list. This becomes abundantly clear when you click through some of the names on Strafford Publications Advisory Boards.
Strafford Publications is the Atlanta based company Richard Ossoff founded in 1984.  The company’s website is evidence of just how elusive R. Ossoff is. You can’t find his name listed anywhere on the website. Verifying that he is the President and CEO is Strafford is easy. He says so himself in the earlier linked interview. The public records check out as well. But the absence of his name from the site is an example of how he operates from the shadows.
The companies represented on Strafford Publications Advisory Boards   are a Who’s Who of the world’s most elite, global firms. I’m still only a portion of the way through the list and I’ve already come across nearly a dozen billion dollar, global firms on the list. Representatives from some of the world’s top lobbying, corporate tax, and law firms all sit on the advisory board of the company run by Jon Ossoff’s father.
The main service Strafford provides is webinars that teach business how to exploit loop holes in the tax code. Jon Ossoff’s father has assembled a team of super human tax avoiders to create, and facilitate webinars that teach companies eager to pay the least amount of taxes possible the magic to tax loop hold exploitation. Yet Jon Ossoff says he is going to eliminate the very loopholes in the tax code that these wealthy elites and his father profit from through Strafford publications.
Here are some of the companies represented on the advisory board.

“The Big Four are the four largest professional services networks in the world, offering audit, assurance services, taxation, management consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services. They handle the vast majority of audits for publicly traded companies as well as many private companies. It is reported that the Big Four audit 99% of the companies in the FTSE 100, and 96% of the companies in the FTSE 250 Index, an index of the leading mid-cap listing companies.”

It’s no secret that these companies help the world’s wealthiest corporations and people exploit loopholes in the tax code. Here’s a tax expert explaining the problem nicely.

“According to Australian taxation expert George Rozvany, the Big Four are “the masterminds of multinational tax avoidance and the architects of tax schemes which cost governments and their taxpayers an estimated $US1 trillion a year“. At the same time they are advising governments on tax reforms, they are advising their multinational clients how to avoid taxes.”

Keep that quote in mind when you consider who Richard Ossoff works with.

The three that work with Strafford are;

Ernst & Young



“If there’s one person to blame for the current 199 predicament, it’s Manousos, a partner at PwC….. Manousos has used the combined power of his public-private career to help blow a gaping hole in the side of the U.S. Treasury, out of which global corporations have looted hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“That ambiguity (in the tax code created by Manousos) has made Manousos and his corporate clients an awful lot of money.”

George Manousos also happens to be one of the representatives from PriceWaterHouseCoopers who is on Strafford’s Corporate Tax Advisory Board. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 5.47.32 PM
He even facilitates some of the corporate tax webinars himself.
Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 5.52.11 PM
Here is a small sampling of some of the Strafford Webinars George Manousos has lent his unique expertise too. 
Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 5.54.34 PM
Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 5.55.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 5.57.42 PM
George wrote the tax provision while working in the Bush administration. After creating the massive loophole, he then went back to PriceWaterHouseCooper, where he became the go to expert for big money corporations looking take advantage of the tax code

“He (George Manousos”) is also the national leader of PwC’s Section 199 practice, and frequently represents clients before the IRS on Section 199 issues.”

George Manousos makes his money by helping big corporations exploit the very tax loophole that he created. This guy is on the advisory board of the company run by Jon Ossoff’s father. This guy teachers Stafford webinars that help companies exploit tax loop holes, and he drives revenue to himself and Richard Ossoff in the process.
Jon Ossoff will not be eliminating any loopholes in the tax code. 


A Letter from written in 2005 from concerned citizens of the community Richard Ossoff lived in, complaining that Ossoff, who was on the Peachtree Dekalb airport Advisory Board, had shut them out from a crucial decision making process involving airport expansion that affected their community. 
Paideia School Board of Directors – Richard Ossoff Trustee
Richard Ossoff, Political Contributions
Ossoff’s mom donated $33,400 to the DNC last July.

Craig Tractenberg, Partner, Fox Rothschild, Member of Strafford Publications Advisory Board. He was counsel for the Republic of Turkey. Maybe he’s friends with Micheal Flynn. 

“In international work, Craig successfully defended the Republic of Turkey against an investor claim before the International Centre for Resolution of Investor Disputes in Paris. This followed the successful defense of the Republic of Turkey before the International Chamber of Commerce Court of Arbitration in Geneva. He also successfully represented a claimant U.S. company in an intellectual property licensor’s claim brought against a Brazilian licensee before the ICDR. He has also taken U.S. franchises overseas.

Celia Roady, an attorney for Morgan Lewis law firm, is on Strafford’s Accounting Advisory Board.  Morgan Lewis is currently Donald Trump’s tax attorney. The firm was named 2016 Russia Law Firm of the Year.

“Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP is a global law firm. Among their clients, they serve as tax counsel to United States President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization since 2005.[2] The firm received the 2016 ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’ award.[3]”

“Critics have accused Morgan Lewis of aiding Trump in using his Presidential office for personal gain.[11] The Wallace Global Fund fired Morgan Lewis over its ties to Trump.[12]. Morgan Lewis issued a letter in May 2017 stating they had examined Trump’s tax returns and found no significant financial connection to Russia.[13]”

Will Jon Ossoff demand an investigation into his father’s ties to Russia? He says Trump should be investigated. Why didn’t his father’s company cut ties with the firm like the Wallace Global Fund? Jon Ossoff is a walking contradiction.
Here are a couple of the webinars Roady lends her knowledge to.
Form 990 Schedule C: Mastering Complex Reporting of Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities Avoiding Excise Taxes, Penalties, Fines, and Revocation of Tax-Exempt Status Due to Noncompliance
Non-Profit Challenges With Alternative Investments and Restricted Funds Making Defensible Valuations and Well-Crafted Disclosures in Financials


Strafford also has representatives from the highest grossing law firm in the world on its Advisory Board.

“Latham & Watkins LLP, founded in 1934, is the world’s highest-grossing law firm, with US$2.823 billion in annual revenue, and is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious and profitable law firms in the world.[4][5] HIGHEST GROSSING IN THE WORLD”


Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher is a global law firm, founded in Los Angeles in 1890. They’re on Strafford’s Anti-Trust Advisory Board.
Just scroll through their notable cases list to see who they’re willing to represent. Here’s one example. Isn’t Ossoff all about a $15 dollar minimum wage?

“The firm is defending Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in the landmark $11 billion employment discrimination class action Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Partner Theodore Boutros, Jr. argued the case before the U.S. Supreme Court in March 2011. In June 2011, the Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Ninth Circuit’s order certifying the plaintiff class.[14]”


Richard Ossoff commissions customized Yacht’s from China where he then goes to test ride them with unnamed foreign dignitaries on board. Oh, and a Chinese National Flag waves in the wind during the Ossoff Yacht riding event.

“For customers Heather and Richard Ossoff, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Howard Chen designed a shallow draft twin engine hull with skegs and shoes to provide complete protection for the propellers. This is very important in much of the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Bahama Islands, and other popular cruising grounds.”

“The Selene 5919 sea trial was attended by the customers, many dignitaries from Pingsha and Zhuhi, the press, the Deputy Governor, the Bureau Chief, and the editor of China Boating magazine. Also aboard were Howard’s father and brother as well as the dealer, Chuck Wistar, President of Selene Annapolis Yachts……..At many times as many as 40-50 people were aboard but the large yacht never felt crowded. “


Description and Customization

“Selene 5919, named “Cronulla” by her owners, was extensively modified inside, with the owners working constantly with Candy Wong, the Project Manager from Jet Tern’s Zhuhai shipyard, and with Ian Morris, the Selene Annapolis Project Manager. The results are one of the most beautiful, elegant, yet practical Selenes ever built. The galley and salon area are quite open and bright. The pilothouse settee and table have been elevated to improve visibility for all who are cruising aboard. The utility room has a spacious work area for Mr. Ossoff. The lazarette is laid out perfectly for equipment storage, SCUBA equipment and compressors, and many spare parts and supplies.”

“Selene 5919 will ship to the US around the end of January. When it arrives it will be commissioned and presented in the prestigious Palm Beach Boat Show at the end of March. It will be the premier showing of a Selene 59 on the east coast of the US and a great deal of interest is expected.”

Richard Ossoff Customer Testimonial Describing The Commissioning of His Yacht


Richard Ossoff’s Private Plane

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 4.23.30 AM


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