Ep. 19 Propaganda Report – 2016 Was a CRAZY Year! podcast of December 31, 2016 Show



January 2nd – 2016 We wrap up with year by discussing the best and worst of 2016, talking about what we believe the agenda items behind the biggest news events of the year are, and taking calls from listeners.
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4 thoughts on “Ep. 19 Propaganda Report – 2016 Was a CRAZY Year! podcast of December 31, 2016 Show”

  1. If you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, here’s what I think is happening. There are two powerful factions battling for control of the USA. One is nationalist and capitalist, the other is internationalist and communist. The first is Republican and the second is Democrat. Democrats ruled the US for a very long time… until 1995, which is when Republicans began to achieve more power. The media is in the hands of the old guard communist/Democrats, which is why they are “liberal” and anti-Trump. The Democrat/communists are also internationalist… they don’t see the USA and Israel through the same eyes as the nationalists-Republicans do. Consider Jews and Catholics, both of whom, historically, have voted Democrat. Many still do but many are not voting Republican. Consider the Evangelicals. These voters strongly believe in American exceptionalism and Zionism. Democrat-communists don’t believe in American exceptionalism and they want to see a Palestinian state. They aren’t Zionists. Consider a recent article published on the CFR’s web site, which criticizes Zionism. I think we are witnessing the slow death of the old communist-Democrats and the rise of the nationalist-Republicans. “The Israeli government’s settlement policy puts it on the wrong side of history, justice, demography, the law, its own interests — and therefore the interests of its friends and allies…” Continue reading: The Last Act of Obama’s Israel Drama May Be His Best. Despite their momentary ascendancy, Bibi, Trump, and Putin are yesterday’s men http://foreignpolicy.com/2016/12/28/the-last-act-of-obamas-israel-drama-may-be-his-best-palestine-settlements-un-kerry/

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