Ep. 167 – Progressives Play Reparations Card – What’s Really Going On? (Originally Aired on 6.29.19)

Ep. 167 – Progressives Play Reparations Card – What’s Really Going On? (Originally Aired on 6.29.19 on WSB Radio Atlanta, 95.5 and 750 am)

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5 thoughts on “Ep. 167 – Progressives Play Reparations Card – What’s Really Going On? (Originally Aired on 6.29.19)”

  1. Regarding reparations and which people would have to pay (is. Not Monica, bcz her family was still in Ireland) made me think, this would be the state’s rationale for a national DNA database.😀

  2. Finally had a chance to listen to this show. Many great observations/comments. In thinking about some of the comments, I connected some dots that I previously hadn’t connected. I’m not sure if they should be or not, however.

    First of all, Binkley mentioned the unbridled pandering by candidates during the debate–specifically focusing on reparations.
    Second, a caller mentioned affirmative action (specifically based on race).
    Another caller mentioned how generations of African Americans had been “programmed” (I can’t remember the exact term that was used) to vote for Democrat candidates.
    There was also a self-described African American caller who mentioned that he voted for Trump and planned to do so again.

    This all caused me to wonder if there might be a connection between all of these things. They hypothesis that I am putting forth is that reparations is a way to “lock in” the “black vote” (a term which I dislike) for decades, as perhaps affirmative action did (not necessarily as a sole factor).

    Here’s what I’m considering:

    1) Part of Kennedy’s (D) platform was to implement some form of affirmative action ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmative_action_in_the_United_States#Kennedy_administration ).
    2)If you look at the historical voting patterns of African Americans, you will see a dramatic decline in African Americans voting/registering Republican in the 1964 election—the election following Kennedy’s implementation of several affirmative action measures. https://blackdemographics.com/culture/black-politics/
    3)African Americans registering as Republicans has been anemic ever since. However, in recent years the trend of African Americans registered as Democrats has been declining (“Other/Independent” being the beneficiary). Additionally, there are some who are projecting unprecedented (in terms of partisan voting) support from African Americans for Trump in 2020 (https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/10/trump-support-black-voters-2020-election/). Accordingly, one must assume that there is serious concern among Democrats.

    So, I’m wondering if Democrats feel that “reparations” could be a measure that would cause African Americans’ political affiliation to return to/toward the 92% peak of 1968 and possibly persist as it has/had (depending on your point of view) for decades.

    This is more food for thought than a bona-fide theory. I’ll be the first to admit that as far as theories go, this one isn’t really cohesive with regards to definitively linking cause and effect. That being said, connecting the dots aside, it could be the case that “reparations” represents the ULTIMATE in buying votes. $10k each (just to pick a number out of the air–$10k x 36 million=$360 Billion) for generations of votes might not be a terrible deal if it works. Any number LESS than $10k becomes more and more of a slam dunk.

  3. This show has to be some of the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard. The host couldn’t come out and say what they really wanted to say about black people so instead have some hired callers speak for them. Insinuating that welfare should be enough for black people instead of reparations. Most black people I know are hard workers and aren’t on Welfare. Most welfare recipients in this country are white Trump supporters and illegal immigrants. Most welfare fraud are committed by whites.The contempt for black people by these host is so apparent. They have a “black” caller say Pakistanis and Indians hate blacks more than whites and that blacks will receive the worst racism from these groups. Conveniently he don’t mentioned people of Latino decent who have more contempt and hatred for blacks than anyone, I guess because they host is Latina. Nothing but old outdated stereotypes about black women being welfare Queens with no men at home. One of the host with a southern accent tries to disguise his voice calls in about eradicating taxes and complaining blacks and reparations. The show was a insult.

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